Total Body Workouts

Don't feel like using your brain when you get to the gym today? Use the exercises below for a total body burn - or use them as a starting point to create your own kick-ass workout!



Equipment: Bench
Optional: Dumbbells

  1. Hands Elevated Mountain Climbers (example)
  2. Hands Elevated Push-Up (example)
  3. Shoulders Elevated Hamstring Walk (example
  4. Feet Elevated Donkey Kick (example)
  5. Plyo Pushup to Plank Transfer (example)
  6. Hands Elevated Burpee (example)
  7. Bench Squat Sit Jumps (example)
  8. Split Squats (example) *add a hop at the top if you're feeling crazy (example)!
  9. Feet Elevated Push-Up (example)
  10. Feet Elevated Mountain Climbers (example)
  11. Step Ups (example
  12. Tricep Dips (example) *IT ME!
  13. Reverse Crunch (example)

There are a number of ways to structure the workout. Personally, I did each exercise for 10 reps and went through the circuit 4X. You could also do: 

Exercise #1 for :30, Rest :10 - Repeat 4X
Exercise #2 for :30, Rest :10 - Repeat 4X
Etc. through Exercise #13


Exercise #1 for :30, Rest :10  
Exercise #2 for :30, Rest :10
Exercise #3 for :30, Rest :10
All the way through Exercise #13, then repeat 4X 



Equipment: Stairs

10 Jumps
10 Dips
25 Squats
25 Mountain Climbers
10 Shoulder Taps Each Side
10 Push-Ups
50 Toe Taps



42 Minute No break-Strength Workout

This workout is taken from an F45 class that I took! 

*This workout requires a lot of equipment! But a lot of the exercises can be performed with substitutions. For example - barbell bicep curls can use dumbbells and barbell overhead presses can use dumbbells as well. Bosu ball sit ups can become regular sit-ups. 
Bosu Ball
Exercise Ball
Pull-Up Bar/Resistance Bands

:35 Work/:20 Rest x3 for Each Exercise

  • Exercise Ball Hamstring Curl (example)
    • Concentrate on going as slowly as possible
  • Pull Up Hang (example)
    • Use resistance bands to help hold you up
  • Bench Dumbbell Chest Press (example
    • You can hold your feet up in tabletop position for some added core activation
  • Plate Jackknife (example)
  • Medicine Ball Around The World (example)/Jump Squat (example
    • Around the world twice in one direction, twice in the other direction, two jump squats!
  • Barbell Overhead Press (example)
  • Barbell Bicep Curls (example
  • Bosu Ball Sit-Ups (example)
  • Dumbbell Push-Up to Overhead Press (example)
  • Kettlebell Swings (example)
  • Single Arm Kettlebell Clean/Press (example)
  • Sandbag Curl to Stepback Lunge (example)
  • Sumo Squat Dumbbell Bicep Curls (example)
  • Russian Twists with Medicine Ball Toss (example)