Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I used to be incredibly worthless when it came to cooking.  Growing up, my father was a) an extremely talented cook and b) extremely OCD.  This meant that a) I never felt the need to cook for myself when I was served gourmet meals on a daily basis and b) I was usually forbidden from attempting to cook in the kitchen since it would create "a mess." 

That may be the reason that I once needed directions on how to boil water. Yup. And another time I asked my sister how to make tuna fish (can of tuna, mayo, fork, mash, voila). 

But, when I moved to the city for graduate school last year, I found that being poor makes cooking your own food necessary. Luckily, I also found that I enjoy experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. And, I'm not completely awful! 

Last night I cooked dinner for myself and a friend and it turned out to be pretty freaking tasty. The goal of the meal was to use the incredible feta cheese from a Greek specialty store in Astoria. 

Feta Cheese Astoria

(Look at all that cheese!)

After doing some browsing of various recipes, I got the idea for this healthy dinner from Cookin' Canuck and added some of my own stuff to it as well.  

What I ended up with was a sweet potato stuffed with feta, hummus, garlic, spinach, broccoli and mushrooms! I served it with some balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts (cut in half, dip in balsamic, bake in the oven), and tofu!

Does anyone else have any ideas for healthy dishes I could make with the rest of the feta cheese?