Six Sunday Links

Six Sunday Links After Billy Joel at MSG and Penn State v. Michigan Football Game

The weeks are just flying by and it's starting to make me feel a little panicked. In less than a week I'll be headed home for Thanksgiving and a few days after that we are off to Austin, Texas where Peter and I will be running the Decker Half Challenge despite my <10 weekly mileage totals these past few weeks.

My Google Map has been populated with about 100 points of interest - restaurants, hiking trails, bars, music venues - but one of these days we need to sit down and build out an actual itinerary. Because I like plans and organization and I want to leave Austin feeling like we conquered it! But I know I can't micromanage every second of our trip because spontaneity and exploration can be the best parts of experiencing a new city. 

Life has been passing by in a blur because I've settled into a routine that doesn't leave much room for deviation.

  • Monday - Work, Leg day at the gym, swimming lesson 
  • Tuesday - Spin, Work, JackRabbit 6-Close 
  • Wednesday - November Project (or lately, sleeeeep), Work, JackRabbit 6-Close 
  • Thursday - Spin, Work, a night to go straight home and c-r-a-s-h into bed 
  • Friday - Some type of workout, Work, Home to put some laundry in and clean up the mess that my apartment has become throughout the week before, typically, falling asleep without doing anything crazy. 
  • Saturday - Attempting a run  before starting the day
  • Sunday - Being a lazy bum, grocery shopping, cooking for the week (this week I made SPLIT PEA SOUP that came out so so good #humblebrag)

This weekend and these next few weeks, that routine will definitely be shaken up which is exciting and also a little overwhelming. 

When you're reading this on Sunday I'll have just had a very busy weekend, which I'm sure was super fun and super exhausting. 

Thursday night I went to see Billy FREAKING Joel at Madison Square Garden. 2 years of requesting tickets through work finally paid off and I got to see and hear The Piano Man live. Holy cow. 

Fun fact, a man from my hometown leads an awesome Billy Joel cover band and now plays IN Billy Joel's real-live touring band. Dreams do come true, people! 

And then Friday morning Peter and I headed to Happy Valley to rent a house with his college friends (eek, meeting friends, hope I'm not too embarrassing) for the Penn State/Michigan game and my first ever tailgating/college football game experience! Hopefully I survived the cold temperatures.

Traveling back on Sunday and not having time to prepare myself for the week is giving me slight heart palpitations I'm sure but the good news is it's a 2 and a half day week until I'm home cuddling with my puppy and getting ready to eat allllllll the Thanksgiving noms. 

Oh right, and that Turkey Trot 5 miler I'm running on Thanksgiving morning!

So, let's get to the links so I can get to Billy! (I'm writing this Thursday on my lunch break~) 

This week there aren't six Sunday links. There's 4. Because the Internet this week was full of things that I, quite frankly, don't want to address on this blog because they are too big and scary and sad and complicated

1. From Billy Joel Tribute Band to the Real Thing

Like I said - a man who graduated high school with my aunts and uncles now plays in Billy Joel's band, tours with him and has NEW YORK TIMES articles written about him. Pretty awesome. And I hope to one day see his tribute band, Big Shot, perform on Long Island!

2. Self-Promotion

I wrote this review of a one-man show I saw 2 weeks ago. It was funny and you should check it out! 

3. All The Light We Cannot See

Oh my lawwwdy please read this book. Put it on your Christmas list and buy a copy for the reader in your life. I devoured it in 3 days despite the 540 pages. 

4. Dad Holds GoPro The Wrong Way All Vacation

I can seriously sympathize with this poor dad, who thought he was filming the sights on his trip to Vegas but was really filming his face. 

#nailedit #goproPRO

#nailedit #goproPRO

This past weekend while I was home, I started to try out my own GoPro and it is NOT EASY and it made me feel really old and technologically inept. There's no screen to see what you're filming unless you connect it to your phone using Wi-Fi...a process that took me far too long to figure out using the 2 BUTTONS on the whole damn camera. Oy. 

Tips for me on using a GoPro?? 
Book recs? 
What's the last concert you went to? 
How do you handle a change to your routine?

Apparently I have a lot of questions. 


Six Sunday Links and a Trip to Long Island

This week's Six Sunday Links again come to you on Monday because this weekend I went home to Long Island and was way too busy eating and sleeping to blog. 

Fall Long Island

Friday night I went out with my parents and sister for dinner at Orto, a restaurant in our town that's been around awhile but I've never been to. 

The menu was FULL of things I would have loved to try. But alas, decisions had to be made. We ordered the sun dried tomato tapenade to go along with our bread - perfectly doughy with a crispy crust. 

We split two appetizers - a mix of different seafood in a creamy lemon sauce and the butternut squash ravioli which was so rich, savory and perfectly al dente. The spinach served with the ravioli was clearly fresh and cooked perfectly to maintain it's flavor. 

I ordered the skate entree - served with pureed cauliflower, bok choy, walnuts and a brown butter sauce. The skate was crispy but a little on the salty side and the cauliflower puree was delectable. 

For dessert, we ordered the donuts - obviously. They weren't stellar, but that didn't stop us from eating them. 

Orto is definitely worth a trip if you're out on the Island - they have affordable prixe fix menus and allow you to bring your own bottles of wine - though they have a full bar. There's something on the menu for everyone! 

Saturday morning I woke up for a run. Ideally, I was aiming for 10  miles to feel confident going into the Decker Half Challenge in Austin. But, my shin has been bothering me and I hadn't run in an entire week - so as I left I told my dad I would probably be gone for around 4-6 miles. My first mile was 8:20 and my shin wasn't bothering me so I sped up, going to 8:12 and then 8:00. 

Can anyone explain to me how an 8:00 mile can feel really hard, and then suddenly, I'm running 7:45s and feel 10X better? It's like the curse of the first 3 miles - always so torturous! 

Sadly, the great feeling of that 4th mile didn't last and soon I was seriously struggling. At mile 6 my IT band started to act up and I stopped at Starbucks to use the bathroom and feel bad for myself. I still had at least 2 miles to home and I wasn't going to reach my 10 mile goal. 

All week I had been feeling tired and unmotivated - it's not like me to just say, "Meh. This sucks, I'm stopping." But that's what I did last Thursday when my alarm went off and I skipped the gym. And when I again skipped the gym during my lunch break. And again when I didn't go to the gym after work. And that's what I did when 6 miles felt hard. I mentally checked out and threw in the towel. 

Although this time, my IT band was seriously telling me to stop. I jogged another mile to get closer to home, called my sister, and had her pick me up. 

I did some crafts during the afternoon, read my book (All The Light We Cannot See - go get it, NOW!), attempted to figure out how to use my GoPro and watched the sunset at my beach. 

Long Island Sunset

That night, my grandparents came over for a delicious meal cooked by my talented father. Artichoke bottoms stuffed with escargot as an appetizer and pasta with shrimp, scallops and peas for dinner. I'm so spoiled! 

And of course, Nanny bought SNICKERS BLASTED ICE CREAM for dessert. 5 of us managed to kill a quart of ice cream. 

Sunday morning I woke up lazily, met a friend for coffee, browsed at Marshall's (need cute black booties, help!) and devoured a bacon egg and cheese on an egg everything bagel. 

Long Island Bagels

I took a nice nap on the couch before it was time to take the train home, grocery shop, and get ready for the week. 

Playing with my GoPro on the LIRR.

Playing with my GoPro on the LIRR.

Alright, alright, enough about my weekend.  Here are the links: 

1. Woman With Terminal Illness Runs Her Last Marathon 

I definitely didn't make it through this article without crying. 

2. Why Writers Run

I can definitely relate to this article! And it also makes me want to take my writing more seriously. I say all the time I'm going to write a book one day - but yet, I never get myself to sit down and start it! 

3. Alanis Morisette Updates 'Ironic' Lyrics

I thought this was HYSTERICAL. 

4. I Am Not Black. You Are Not White. 


5. The New Cool Girl Trap

I thought this was very interesting. 

When J-Law speaks out against the Hollywood pay gap and says, “I’m over trying to find the ‘adorable’ way to state my opinion and still be likable! Fuck that,” she is both giving the middle finger to the establishment, and also performing a different kind of likability.

6. Dad Shaves Beard, Scares Baby

This killed me. So cruel but so hysterical. Parenting goals.

Six Sunday Links November 8 - Avocados, Running and Singing


I did a whole lot of nothing today and it was wonderful. Sleeping in, bagels and watching Unbroken were the only things I had to worry about. In fact, Peter even picked up the bagels so I didn't have to move. 

Yesterday was an extremely productive Saturday which is the reason I didn't stress about being rendered completely useless by this morning's hangover. I just can't hang anymore. 

Saturday I was up and running by 8:15 a.m. and successfully ran 8 miles - my longest run in 6 months. It’s still unseasonably warm and I was able to take in Central Park’s foliage in a t-shirt and shorts.

I did laundry, cleaned my room, cooked, caught up on some work and set out to meet up with a professor and friend from graduate school for brunch at The Upsider.

Next was a “quick” stop at TJ Maxx just to have a look around. Of course I left a little poorer. I also found a genius creation that I’m going to need to find in my size - gloves with a pocket in the hand! That way when it’s winter and I’m big and puffy in layers and a jacket I can slip my metro card right in my glove! Genius.

I got home, got ready and then it was time to party. We had so much fun at a friend's birthday party - I forget how fun it can be to just dance it out in the basement of some bar. 

I'm a little sad thinking about the start of another busy week - but before we get to Monday morning - links! (Or, wait to check out the links until you're sitting at your desk Monday morning and procrastinating the start of any actual work). 

I snapped this picture on my Saturday morning run!

I snapped this picture on my Saturday morning run!

1. Dating In Your Twenties is Like Eating an Avocado

Anyone who can legitimately write an article with this title, and make some compelling points along the way, is wonderful in my book! 

2. Running In The Rain

I still remember one of the first times I ran in the rain - it makes you feel like such a badass. It usually means you're the only one out there, no one to dodge, no one to clog up the sidewalks. This is one of those videos that makes you want to go out and be awesome. It's supposed to rain this week - so before you resign yourself to running on the treadmill, watch this video. It might change your mind. 

3. How Salad Can Make You Fat

A very interesting article about how making healthy choices often encourages us to make more unhealthy choices throughout the day. 

4. Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyling on Jimmy Fallon

If you don't know who Lin-Manuel Miranda is - I DEMAND you watch this video. He is an incredibly talented musician, singer, writer, lyricist and actor. I first fell in love with his work on the Broadway musical In The Heights and his newest musical, Hamilton, is taking the world by STORM. People really think it might be the best musical EVER. I have yet to see it but I think it's even higher than Book of Mormon on my "must see" list (also, Fun Home!). 

5. Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban sing Phantom

Two of my favorite voices in the history of the world - Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson. Singing. Together. I die. This has been on repeat allllllll week and probably will be again this week. 

6. Sport Has Not Learned About Periods

Definitely an interesting idea that periods are the "last taboo" in sport. After that woman ran a marathon while on her period, opting to go sans tampon and letting the blood flow freely, it's definitely a topic that's appearing more often in the media.

Anyone have any thoughts? I personally am lucky to not face any serious challenges to my running while I'm on my period. I get pretty bad cramps, but actually find that exercising can temporarily relieve the pain. That being said, I would 100% like to avoid ever running a marathon or big race while on my period. Tampons moving around, feeling bloated, tender boobs bouncing up and down for 26.2 miles - no thank you! 

I apologize for the poor word to picture ratio. But I am le tired

How was your weekend? 
What's your hangover cure? (Light blue Gatorade for me!) 


Six Sunday Links; Swagger & Sass

Six Sunday Links didn’t happen last week because I was busy celebrating my Gran’s 89


birthday in Florida! Seeing her so irregularly now, when she used to be 20 minutes down the road, is incredibly hard – especially when I think about the fact that she’s living in a nursing home and only getting older.

There are moments in life that you know you’re going to want to remember. As they’re happening, you try to make a mental note of all the little details, scared that one day they’ll slip from your memory. You want to live in the moment but you’re already concerning yourself with what’s going to happen when that moment becomes the past. Maybe that’s why I took so many pictures! I tried soaking up the invaluable family time – it’s not very often that my mom’s side of the family gets to spend time together. We ate, we drank, we caught up – I tried my very best to coax the crew into getting a little sappy by sharing some of our favorite memories.

We also celebrated the fact that my cousin and his wife will soon be welcoming their first baby into the family. Gran’s going to be a great-Gran (she already is the greatest Gran, though!) I was sure to buy baby Emma her first NHL onesie. She’s going to look fabulous in it, even though it’s slightly masculine looking. Whatever, gender neutrality is all the rage these days, isn’t it?

In total I spent 20 hours traveling between Friday and Monday, but it was well worth it for moments like this:

Despite having off on Monday to fly home, the week seemed to last forever. But here we are at another Sunday. Instead of using your brain cells to think about the coming week (ugh) – how about checking out these six links? I think it’s a quality batch -  heavy on my own personal commentary. 

The Rise and Fall of Trading Spaces, theHome Design Show That Ruled the World

These days, I very rarely watch TV. Peter and I have made good progress on The Office (I know, I know – I’m behind) and for a while I was binge-watching Orange Is The New Black like it was my job. But lately I haven’t been able to make a commitment to the hour-long episodes. Sorry Piper, it’s nothing personal. 

It seems the only time I am truly a couch potato is when I’m visiting my parents on Long Island. And when I’m there – I’m all about the HGTV. Love It Or List It and House Hunters are my absolute favorites and my mom and I have no problems re-watching episodes that we’ve seen 20 times. But when I saw someone post this article on Facebook I took a total trip down memory lane, remembering the hours spent watching the original home makeover show from TLC –

Trading Spaces

. I’ll never forget the sleepovers where we stayed awake until 5 a.m. watching reruns. I’ll never forget the episode where Hildi makes one couple's room look like a circus tent.

This article blew my mind by pointing out that Trading Spaces premiere

15 years ago

. Whoah. This is a long read – but a fascinating look at the life of the show, which was a precursor to many of today’s reality shows. And did you know that host Paige Davis played Roxy Hart in Chicago on Broadway?

 How Sports Gave Me Swagger 

First off – yes, I’m a subscriber to Lenny, Lena Dunham’s new feminist newsletter. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about director Gina Prince-Bythewood’s (Love and Basketball) contribution.

When I re-read this article to write about it, I started highlighting which quote I wanted to start with. I highlighted the entire first paragraph. It’s like that standup comic who makes fun of girls studying for finals who go highlighter-happy in the library. Totally me. [Totally don’t remember the comedian.]

So, if you’re really not just going to click the link and read the article (it’s worth it, I promise!) here is at least the first paragraph. I have a feeling that, like me, you’ll identify with a lot of it and want to keep reading.

I am shy. I also have a big ego. Practically speaking, that means everyone is looking at me, and it makes me uncomfortable. Actually, "big ego" has a negative connotation. I'll say "healthy ego." Which, sadly, for women, still has a negative connotation. We aren't supposed to have an ego. It's unseemly. It's arrogant. It's not ladylike. Serena Williams was called cocky when she said she wanted to be the best in the world. Well, what the hell is she training so relentlessly for, to be the 37th best in the world? (No disrespect to the 37th best in the world.) A poster of Serena in mid–epic scream should be required on every little girl's bedroom wall so they can be reminded daily how beautiful it is to be a badass.

This reminds me so much of a conversation I’ve had multiple times with my mom since getting into running.

Me: “I’m REALLY frustrated that I’ve lost so much of my speed.”

Mom: “Well why do you care about being fast? Just do it for fun.”

Me: “Because I know I can be better, and I found something I’m actually pretty good at, and I want to improve.”

Yes, I know I’m not going to be winning any races. But that doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge that I’ve worked hard to improve my speed and endurance and that I am always training to beat the runner I was the last time I raced.

But, like Gina Prince-Bythewood – sports have played a major role in my life – teaching me to always give it my all. To leave everything out on the court, the field, the track, etc. Sports has taught me that if I settle, I’m really only cheating myself.

When I was on the field, I was never told to "slow down." No one ever said, "Don't be so aggressive." I was told to "run faster," "bemoreaggressive," "play harder," "go after it." So I did. And it was the most natural thing in the world.

These lessons translate into so many other aspects of a woman’s life – and I think that fitness in general, even if it’s not organized sports, can really help improve confidence and give ladies out there swagger. Which is sexy.

Amy Schumer’s ‘I’m Sorry’ Skewers A CultureThat Makes Women Apologize Constantly

So, I watched this video and I laughed. Another Amy Schumer video that perfectly captures some of the ridiculous things us ladies do…before becoming completely over the top.

But after I finished laughing, I started thinking. Because a few weeks ago, I got angry at someone. They did something to tick me off, yet at the end of the conversation I texted, “Sorry.”

We’ve all done it. And we’ve probably all been on the receiving end as well. A “sorry” text that clearly doesn’t actually indicate remorse. Well this time, the person on the receiving end called me out and told me not to apologize if I didn’t mean it.

When An Apology Is Anything But

So why do we do it? Why are we constantly saying “Sorry?” This article from the New York Times was SO intriguing to me and brings up tons of interesting points. That “sorry” text that I sent – it was actually the complete opposite. It was basically a text saying, “You did something that annoyed me and by saying sorry, I’m really trying to prove that I


have to be apologizing to you.” And we wonder why sometimes, the things we say aren’t received and responded to in the way that we want.

The First Person To Run A Marathon WithoutTalking About It 

Let’s get a little less serious with this next link. I was

cracking up

at this video – which is such a sassy satire on marathon runners. I am SO guilty of this. And I also have zero intention of changing my ways next time I’m training for a marathon, PS. NO SHAME.

So You Want to Write a Food Blog

Another hysterical satire – this time about food bloggers. Gosh – runners and foodies – aren’t we just

the worst?

 At least we can laugh at ourselves!

Quinoa is excellent for every meal because its texture is a reminder that life can’t always be smooth or digestible.

I LOVE that people have been sending me interesting articles that they think would make for a good Sunday link – keep them coming! (Erin, Jess - yours will be coming up one of these Sundays for sure, loved ‘em!) 

Six Sunday Links on Monday

This Sunday was spent cheering on friends running the Staten Island Half Marathon and celebrating their 13.1 miles with beers in the sunshine at Flagship Brewery. I'd say my first visit to Staten Island was a success! And I am beyond happy that we're still getting a fair share of sunshine and warmth - it's amazing how much cheerier I am when the sun is out! 

I was sad watching all the runners yesterday, and sitting around afterwards while everyone discussed their race and I couldn't contribute - but I'm happy to report that last week I ran 24 miles total! 

(I've been consistently going to Friday's NP workouts and we've had so pretty fabulous views!)

Since Six Sunday Links didn't happen - now you get them on Monday! 


Baked Apple Roses

- This is definitely something I want to whip up this fall.  It looks so impressive, yet simple! Not to mention delicious.  

On Friday, I hosted a fall food themed potluck at my apartment and oh boy did I overeat! I couldn't help it, my friends are such talented chefs and everything was delicious. Kaitlin made a kale salad with chickpeas, butternut squash and a Tahini dressing. She even got fancy and massaged the kale. Kayla made maple walnut green beans and Rebecca cooked a delectable pumpkin mac and cheese! I made

sweet potato/black bean/quinoa chili

that was super easy and, I thought, super delicious! I will definitely be making this again one of these nights - the perfect thing to cook on Sunday and have all week long!  I also added some of my new favorite ingredient to the chili - nutritional yeast! A little salty/cheesy boost! 

I also served some goat cheese with apple slices and Pepperjack cheese, PUMPKIN TORTILLA CHIPS from Trader Joe's that are



Harvest Salsa

that's also pretty good, and guacamole! 

Steph created these beautiful caramel apple jello shots, Sam and Sara provided  wine on wine on wine and dessert was Melissa's apple crisp (+ vanilla ice cream, drool) and Kayla's pumpkin brownies! 

Fall cooking is wonderful. 


Confidence with an Asterisk

- This article made me feel the feels.

3) I don't remember where I found this exactly - but it's kind of genius! I've been struggling with my boots falling all over the place in my closet. Now, where do I purchase pool noodles in October? 


Keep Austin Weird 

 Monday of last week I realized I had 6 vacation days to use before December 31. I started Googling flights and thinking, "Hm, where can I go in December?" New Orleans, Charlotte, Arizona, and Denver were all considered until I landed on Austin - cheap flights, an awesome city, and warmer than New York in December. Plus, a half marathon on the dates I was looking to go! I messaged Melisa and Peter and by Friday night our flights and AirBnb were booked. I am so excited to explore this city! 


35 Brilliant New Books

- I perused this list awhile ago and just finished reading one of the books on it

The Heart Goes Last

. It was...interesting. I didn't LOVE it, but I also couldn't put it down. 

"A married couple trying to stay afloat in the midst of an economic and social collapse join The Positron Project – which guarantees them a home and a job for six months of the year. On alternating months, they must leave their home and function as inmates in the Positron prison system. Once their month of service in the prison is completed, they can return to home. At first, this doesn’t seem like too much of a sacrifice. But with each passing day, Positron looks less like a prayer answered and more like a chilling prophecy fulfilled."


Read this wonderful post

written by a wonderful human being who I am so proud to know! 

(This is my friend Liysa and she is BADASS)

*I met Lolo Jones last week.

Six Sunday Links

Here we are already at another Six Sunday Links. Before you drag yourself out of bed for laundry and grocery shopping and all the other chores you couldn’t bear to do on a Saturday, check out these articles, videos and photos that entertained me this week.


I am beyond obsessed with these Amy Schumer videos – which point out major issues with women’s self image/body issues/dieting/exercise etc. in a completely HYSTERICAL way. 

I'm So Bad


“I ate a ball of mozzarella like it was a peach.” 


"I can tell by looking you're not the least you can be."


 "Little? I'm like a size 100 now. Anyway, I paid like $2 for it, it's probably made out of old Burger King crowns. I look like a whore locked out of her apartment."


I just read about comedian Kevin Hart and the surprise 5Ks

he is organizing across the country! It’s really great to see a celebrity using his status to get people up and out! I loved his quote: 

        “I have a platform where I can motivate and inspire," Hart said. "What better way to do that than running? Running is something that everybody can do, all over the world, regardless of race, shape or size. It brings people closer together."
    Couldn’t agree more, K. Hart! 

3) I was SO BLOWN AWAY by this article.

50 Ironman distance triathlons in 50 DAYS?!

If this doesn’t become a book, I’m going to be SO disappointed.

4) Anthony Bourdain is planning to open a GIANT food market on Pier 57 that dwarfs Chelsea Market. It will be modeled after an Asian street market – meaning it will be open all hours with tons of interesting stalls. Sometime it’s a little ridiculous the number of food-focused spaces there are in NYC. Between Smorgasburg, Flea Markets, Eataly, Chelsea Market, City Kitchen, Brookfield Place and outdoor spaces like Madison Square Eats and Penn Plates – I think it takes away from the excitement of them when you can now get an Arancini Rice Ball not just at Smorgasburg but at about a million stalls around the city. But it doesn’t seem like a trend that will be slowing down any time soon – so bring it Bourdain!
5)  This movie trailer really piqued my interest! Burnt
6) Last but not least, a friend posted this photograph titled “Generational Differences” and it really made me stop and think for a minute. Before returning to Instagram on my phone…No but really. It’s a pretty strong image, especially after that “sorority girlsat the baseball game” fiasco this week. 

Anything you think I should check out, please share :)

Six Sunday Links

It’s Sunday morning, which means you’re probably scrolling through your Instagram feed, drooling at #brunch pictures and trying to figure out if you’re craving avocado toast, pancakes, huevos rancheros or all of the above.

Or maybe you’re a normal person who just woke up and sat down to a normal homemade breakfast – nothing wrong with a bowl of Cheerios to start your Sunday (although if you don’t at least slice up some banana with it, I can’t approve).

Either way, here are some Sunday links for you to peruse.

1)        “The Summer That Never Was

The last thing I was is for the temperatures to drop and the mornings to be darker. But Pumpkin Spice Lattes have arrived (along with the new Toasted-Graham Latte

) and the first day of fall has official come and gone so I guess it’s time to say so long to summer. Sure, there are things that didn’t get done – a ride on my boat, a Broadway in Bryant Park concert – but this summer was certainly a wonderful one and now it’s time to plan some new adventures. One part of this article really spoke to me – since I’m hoping to make my way out west some day soon!

“God, how I long to go out West again someday — to drive some blue highway in Nevada or Utah until there’s absolutely nothing around me, then stop the car, in the middle of the road, maybe, and get out and just stand there, where I can see the horizon in every direction, and smell the air and feel the sun and listen to the silence of the desert. I have this idea that if I could do this, time might hold still for a second, and I would know, for just a moment, what it feels like to be here."

2) “No,your kid may not have a snack” 

Sound harsh? This was an extremely interesting article from the Chicago Tribune about the culture of snacking in today’s society among children – I remember having snack time in school (we made popcorn and played Nok-Hockey and had weddings for our Beanie Babies)– but now, kids are snacking up to 4 times a day!

3) “The  Myth of the Before-And-After Photo” 

We’ve all seen them on Instagram – amazing body transformations all thanks to hard work and healthy habits. On good days, these pictures motivate and inspire us. One bad days, they can make us feel discouraged and defeated. I liked this articles take on before and after photos. Maybe you will too.

And now, some videos!

4) “Workout Wednesdays” with Zach Anner

This guys is funny as hell and also super inspirational. He creates these “Workout Wednesday” Youtube videos despite living with Cerebal Palsy. Each one has a message of positivity!

5) "Toddler Players Peek A Boo with Gorilla – Internet Goes Ape "

WHY CANT THIS BE ME!? Ask Peter. I literally sat for like 20 minutes at the Bronx Zoo trying to get the gorillas to NOTICE MEEEEE!

At least I’ll always have the special kiss between Mindy and I in St. Louis…

6.)Helping the Homeless Back on their Feet – and Running

Let’s end with a feel good story… I think this is amazing, and I’m definitely looking into volunteer opportunities!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Six Sunday Links

Are you laying around, hungover after one of the last summer Saturday nights? 

Stay horizontal, it's okay. Here are some fun links to take your mind off the headache and dry mouth. 

Instead of feeling like you're completely wasting your day, click these links, read, watch - and do yourself a favor, drink some light blue Gatorade. That stuff is the ultimate hangover cure. 

1) The Wedding Toast I'll Never Give
"I want to say that at various points in your marriage, may it last forever, you will look at this person and feel only rage. You will gaze at this man you once adored and think, “It sure would be nice to have this whole place to myself.” Sound like love to you? No? Maybe it should! This New York Times article had me laughing and feeling feels - it's a reality check, for sure, but not one that will turn you off to marriage altogether. 

2) In The Grand Canyon with Lance
Have you read "Born to Run" by Christopher MacDougall? If you have, you'll likely remember the character Jenn Shelton - an ultramarathoner who is free spirited (and often intoxicated) and entertaining. Well, turns out, she's also an incredibly engaging writer who is friends with Lance Armstrong. On the longer side, but definitely worth it!

3) Split Image 
"Checking Instagram is like opening a magazine to see a fashion advertisement. Except an ad is branded as what it is: a staged image on glossy paper.
Instagram is passed off as real life."
This one is a bit of a downer, but so so important to read and think about. Please, if you read one of these articles - make it this one. 

4) How to Age Gracefully
I really loved the way this video was put together. I guarantee you smile at the end. 

5) Girl Power! 
Ever wonder about the first guy to successfully go over Niagara Falls in a barrel? Well it was a WOMAN, and you can read about it in this article. 

I could watch this Vine on repeat for hours, honestly.