Dig Inn: Restaurant Review

While I was wasn’t impressed with the meal I got at Sun in Bloom last weekend, my faith in healthy, vegetarian, natural food options in New York City was restored on Wednesday when I had my first experience with Dig Inn!

With locations all over the city, Dig Inn Seasonal Market is “real food, real quality.” According to them.  But I’m pretty sure I concur.  They have TONS of options- both for vegetarians and meat eaters.  Salads, soups, shakes, juices, and my favorite- the build your own platters.

I must have sat on the website for like 40 minutes trying to figure out what I wanted, since my friend was going to go and pick it up for us.  You can choose either a big plate or a small plate. You start by picking a meat, tofu, or veggie plate.  Meat options include things like lemon herb chicken, spicy meatballs and braised beef.  Vegetarian options are tofu salad and wild salmon- or you can choose the veggie platter option and you get to pick an extra “side” item for your plate. 

Next is deciding between either a green or a whole grain.  Arugula, baby spinach, brown rice or the “specialty grain.”  And then, the hardest part (as if there weren’t already too many options for someone like myself to consider!) The sides! So many delicious sounding options and you need to choose 3! (Or pay extra for more).  The best part is that they change based on what the current available/in season ingredients are. Some sides on the menu right now are roasted brussels sprouts (let’s be real, they’re on EVERY menu), sautéed kale with purple potato, Tuscan white bean seasoned with ham, beets and cucumber salad, kale & apple salad, etc. 

As you build your plate on their website, they give you all the nutritional information too- which is amazing for someone who is guilty of being a calorie-counter (I know, I know, I need to stop).  Lastly, you can add sauces and spreads (guac is $1.38 extra, grr). 

So enough about the ordering process- let’s talk about what I ate, because I really want to relive it.

First of all, love that they serve it in little brown boxes a la Whole Foods that feel earthy and healthy.  Lame, I know. I got a small plate with the organic tofu salad (tofu, green beans, carrots, and raisins in a wasabi aioli dressing). Uhm. Yum. I think this was my favorite part.  Tofu is usually bland, but this actually tasted like something to me- and it was something great. 

I also opted for the “specialty grain” which was cracked bulgur wheat with celery, carrots and onions tossed with a lemon/apple cider vinaigrette and agave, and seasoned with a Mediterranean spice blend.  That’s a mouthful.  After my bulgur salad from FISHTAG that was kind of a bummer, I was a little hesitant to order this.  It was underneath everything else on my plate, and kind of mixed in with all the other sides, but overall I’m glad it’s the grain I went with instead of just plain old brown rice (I’m not the biggest brown rice fan, because most of my experiences with it are like my Sun in Bloom experiences where it’s bland and boring and I’m left regretting the carbs).

My three sides were all great as well, I really have nothing bad to say.  They were seasoned and tasty and not boring in the least- yet based on Dig Inn’s website, it really is healthy! I got the roasted Brussels sprouts (tossed with fresh lime juice and a touch of maple vinaigrette), the broccoli with roasted garlic and almonds (red pepper flakes and maple vinaigrette) and the roasted carrots and parsnips mixed with dried cranberries in a tangy apple cider vinaigrette.

(I Dig it- HA)

For just $7, I wasn’t left feeling ripped off at all, considering the price of lunch in midtown Manhattan can be pretty insane. Although I will say, I TOTALLY could have eaten more- next time I may go with the large plate. Also throwin’ it out there that my friend had amazing things to say about the spicy meatballs, and I tried his kale & purple potatoes and sweet potatoes and they were great as well!

I think my favorite part about this menu, is that for every ingredient, Dig Inn lets you know the exact farm that it comes from.  It’s kind of incredible that I can know the Brussels sprouts I’m eating come from Bayview Farm in Jamesport, LI (Long Island, represent!)
The one thing I have to say, is that most people seem to agree that this place is usually PACKED at lunch hour and that the employees there are less than friendly- rushing customers and coming off as rude. They should be happy about working at such an awesome place, is what I say!

I will definitely be back for more Dig Inn (if I ever make it through my bucket list…)

With so many different locations, pick-up, delivery and online ordering, you really have no excuse not to try this place! Go! Do it!