Weekend of Theater, Food & Running!

Weekends are great, although it’s always a bummer when they’re rainy.  I think rain should only be allowed on the week days, when I’m trapped on the 14th floor of an office building anyway!

When the clock struck 5 on Friday it was off to a nearby bar to watch the Quinnipiac Men’s Ice Hockey team play Providence in the NCAA Tournament.  Unfortunately, it was a total disappointment and the team lost 4-0. LAME! Not only did they lose horribly, but I’m pretty sure I looked like a total weirdo as I ate vegetables from a Tupperware in the middle of the bar…oops!

But the night turned around when a friend and I went to see Heathers at New World Stages.  I’m lucky enough to get to review shows foroffoffonline.com, so I got to go for free to this incredibly entertaining musical adaptation of the cult-classic film.You can read my review here.

By the time the show ended and I got back to my apartment it was 10:30 at night and I was STARVED! I made myself an egg white/spinach/feta omelet in a flax pita and baked myself a Quest bar for dessert before heading to bed in preparation for a busy Saturday!

When my alarm went off at 8 on Saturday it was time for a RUN! Not just any run- unbeknownst to me, this run would end up being my LONGEST RUN EVER! It was so exciting (to me, at least) that I’m going to dedicate an entire post to it, which you can read here

But long story short, I ran 14 miles! And by the time I got back to the store, my parents were parked outside my apartment, waiting for me to help them move even more stuff into it…meaning I had to run back to meet them and immediately start making trips up my 5 flights of stairs (69 stairs, yes I counted).  

(Whoah, did I really just do that?)

The next couple of hours were spent unpacking, organizing, building furniture, and almost having a complete breakdown about how disastrous my apartment looked.  I hadn’t showered after 14 miles, I had only eaten a handful of carrots and hummus, and my NYC apartment’s floors seemed unbearably slanted.  A shower and a trip to the hardware store and it was finally time for a late lunch. Nothing puts me in a better mood than food! I was so excited to bring my parents to a place that immediately made me think of them when I had first heard of it- Flex Mussels.  But after walking 10 blocks in the cold rain and arriving at their doorstep at 3:30…we were informed that they didn’t open until 5. Womp womp! It was one of those days where finding out I couldn’t get a bowl of mussels was almost enough to send me into tears.  But I held it together and made the executive decision that we would head back to my apartment and go to the Indian restaurant across the street- because it’s called the Drunken Munkey which is the most amazing name ever, especially to someone who is OBSESSED with monkeys.

NACA Conference

(One of the most exciting days of my life was meeting Mindy the monkey!) 

I stuffed myself silly with Indian food (which I of course justified by repeating to myself, “You ran 14 miles this morning!”) You can read my review of Drunken Munkey in the Restaurant Review section of my homepage!

Drunken Munkey NYC

(Yummy Indian food!) 

We went back to the apartment and finished the projects I had left for my mom and dad- fun stuff like picture hanging and extension cord running, etc. and then my parents headed out. 

All I wanted to do was head to my bed.  But friends were in town, so instead I found myself drinking a vodka/lemonade concoction in a cab, a vodka and diet coke at the Pony Bar, a Red Stagg and diet coke at Mercury Bar (delicious), and a “make her something chocolatey and dessert-like with lots of alcohol.”

Mercury Bar NYC

(The "something choclately and dessert-like with lots of alcohol," a Mercury Bar specialty)

For me, alcohol means eating everything in sight.  So when I returned to my friend’s apartment, I demolished his bag of BBQ pretzels and a huge helping of guacamole and then I may have broken into the freezer for a spoonful (or 10) of Oreo Blast ice cream. I sucked it up and cabbed it home instead of taking the subway because I HATE RAIN and because I couldn’t wait a minute longer to fall into my bed.

(Rain sucks! But friends who hail cabs for you while you wait under an awning are great!) 

Sunday mornin’ rain was fallin’ (I hope you sang along). I woke up, read some Divergent, fell back asleep until 10:30 (UNHEARD OF for me!) and then made myself some delicious oatmeal and macadamia nut coffee before beginning my marathon cleaning session.  By the end of it, my apartment was BEAUTIFUL and organized and finally felt like home!

(Home sweet home!) 

I headed out for a 5 mile run through Central Park (I may have gotten a little bit turned around and thought I was exiting on the West Side but was in fact on the East Side) came home, showered, read more, and then it was time to use my new Panini press to make me a Panini! YES!

Healthy Panini

I loaded my flax pita with hummus, spinach, tomato, peppers, tuna fish, balsamic roasted eggplant and feta cheese, squuueeeezed it in the magical press and VOILA, beautiful, delicious Panini!

Healthy Panini

(Look at those grill lines!) 

I was asleep by 10 Sunday night! And a day reading and lounging around was seriously just what the doctor ordered!

Leather Kindle Cover

(Totally into Divergent right now!) 

My early bed time and relaxing Sunday left me feeling GREAT Monday morning. After work I even got to go to a spin class in a perfectly matching workout outfit.

Nike Runner

(I love when I match!) 

And then I made myself another wonderful dinner- Quest pasta! I’m going to eventually write a post on this kind of pasta, so stay tuned…but in the meantime, LOOK! Pasta dinner with eggplant, pepper, cauliflower, tomato sauce, and blue cheese GUILT FREE.

Quest Pasta


Let’s just keep going through the week shall we? Woke up bright and early Tuesday morning for back and bis at the gym and I have hockey tonight! Best part of the day? Definitely the 2 boxes of Quest bars that were delivered!! I finally got the variety pack- so you can be sure I’ll be posting about all the new flavors I’m about to try! 

Slightly sad how excited this makes me.