A Tough Choice

I am a firm believer in the idea that healthy and nutritious food can be DELICIOUS!

But when my dad and sister got egg sandwiches from my favorite bagel store on Sunday, there was obviously a part of me that wanted the cheesy, carby, salty, fatty combination of bacon, egg and cheese on a doughy egg bagel (ok, I’m making myself cry a little bit right now).

But, instead, I made myself something much healthier- while still being satisfying and delicious.

-1 over easy egg (it’s all about the yolk porn, after all)
-Sliced tomato
-Whole grain toast
-Avocado mash {avocado, feta cheese, a little bit of hummus, olive oil, lemon juice and chili flakes)

(BEAUTIFUL right?) 

It’s all about making smart choices. And moderation is key- I OBVIOUSLY had two giant bites of my sister’s egg sandwich- I’m not a robot after all, and look how delicious that looks!