Burn Booty Burn

Last week, I vowed to bring back leg day and on Monday on my lunch break, it happened.

As I write this on Tuesday, I’m feeling surprisingly good- which just means the dreaded second day after leg day is sure to be killer! Can’t wait for the struggle of walking both up AND down subway stairs all day!

So what did my first leg day entail? Check it out:

-25 squat jumps
-25 dumbbell squats (15 lb dumbbell in each hand)
-:30 high knees
-30 walking dumbbell lunges (15 lb dumbbell in each hand)
-:30 jumping jacks
-25 sumo squats (35 lb plate)
-10 burpees
-30 dumbbell calf raises on step holding 25 lb dumbbell
-:30 jump rope
-:45 wall sit
-:30 butt kicks
-15 bridges on step/hold :30/15 bridges


25 one leg bridges per leg
25 side leg lifts per leg
25 clamshells per leg

50 step ups per leg holding 12.5 lb dumbbells in each hand

And later that night, I went for a nice 4 mile run with JackRabbit (took it nice and slow!) Central Park is looking beautiful and springy! Definitely need to bring my phone on next weeks run to snap a few pictures! It's not from Central Park, but here's a pretty picture from the UES for your eyes to enjoy:

Hey, while you’re reading this- leave some song suggestions for my Brooklyn Half playlist in the comments :) 

So far I have Burn (Ellie Goulding), Misery Business (Paramore), Sleazy (Ke$ha) and Stay the Night (ZEDD).