A New Foodie Happy Place

I have found my new foodie happy place. Smorgasburg is my first true love. But sometimes, it’s not the perfect day for lounging outside while eating delicious food. Sometimes, it does this annoying thing where liquid falls from the sky and makes me sad.  And sometimes, it’s not the weekend (I know, ew, right?) So when it’s not a beautiful Saturday or a beautiful Sunday, it’s a relief to know there’s somewhere else I can go with an overwhelming number of incredible food options that I eventually need to try.

Probably the coolest building I’ve ever been in. You need to check it out. If you are somehow not enticed by the amazing food I’m about to tell you about, you should still go just to walk around and see the inside of it.

My friend and I went and did a lap (complete with all the free samples we could get our hands on, which was a lot) while contemplating how on earth we would make a decision about what to eat. It was like all the NYC food blogs I read had taken their top picks and plopped them into one building. Every place I passed I felt like I had read about. 

(Overwhelming number of options!)

We decided that instead of us each picking what we wanted for lunch, we should pick two things we both wanted and split them so we each got to try two things- teamwork at its best.

I was so happy that we both wanted Beyond Sushi, because I cannot tell you how long I have been DYING to try it. We got a combo which came with a roll and two single pieces- we got the fiesta roll, a mango piece and a tofu piece. We found a place to sit next to a cool fountain thing and I began to photograph the shit out of my beautiful vegan sushi rolls. I mean, look at it.  This stuff is art. Tasty, tasty art.  

There’s not much description I can think to give except happy taste buds. So happy. It came with some orange saucy thing in a little squirt container and I pretty much doused each of my pieces in it. Soy sauce shmoy sauce. Unnecessary with fresh flavahs like these.

Next it was time to get our taco on at Los Taco No. 1.  I’ve read a lot about these guys- one from Mexico and one from California- promised to be one of the most authentic tacos in the big apple. I spent forever waiting for Immaculate Infatuation to load so I knew which taco to order- I trust those guys big time, and if they tell me the way to go is with a carne asada corn taco, you better believe that’s what I am going to order. 

(Menu = unnecessary when you have The Infatuation as your guide!)

In hindsight we both should have gotten our own instead of attempting to split it. 1) Because it was a very messy endeavor and 2) Because half of this taco was NOT ENOUGH. 50 of these tacos would not be enough. It is impossible to ever have enough of these tacos. Upon first biting into this taco, I’m pretty sure our eyes may have rolled back in our heads. The sounds we were making were probably concerning to people. It was very close to a sexual experience we were having with this taco. We couldn’t get over how amazing this taco tasted. What do they put in it? Crack. Go get yourself some Los Taco No. 1 now. What are you waiting for? Go.

The only way to finish off a lunch of sushi and tacos is with some raspberry Ample Hills Creamery ice cream right? Oh yeah. I had a coupon for a free cup from filling out a survey on Chelsea Market’s Instagram so we split a small cup to top off our adventure. It was ice cream. It was yummy. 

Chelsea Market, I have only scratched your surface. We are going to be great friends.