Queen of Hearts

Usually when I’m playing cards, I’m drinking. But recently, I’ve switched it up a little bit. My new favorite type of workout for days that I’m not concentrating on certain muscles or cardio is the deck of cards workout. It’s such a great way to mix things up, keep yourself interested, keep your body guessing, and you can make them as difficult as you want.  

The first one that I did was a couple of weeks ago. For the most part, I used Pumps & Iron’s Cardio Deck of Cards Workout, with a few tweaks.

Here’s what it looked like:

Clubs- Push-Ups/Renegade Row

Diamonds- Jack Jump Planks

Spades – V-Up Crunches

Hearts – I altered this, because I was doing the workout outside and didn’t have a treadmill.  I did :30 high knees, :30 butt kicks, :30 jumping jacks, :30 pretending to jump-rope.

The number = the number of reps (aces are 11 and face cards are 10). 

(Pictures taken from Pumps and Iron!)

I had planned on doing another circuit routine I found online after this, but by the end of the deck, I was poooooped! And it took a while to complete!

This weekend while I was home, I got to go to my old gym for my absolute FAVORITE class- Boot Camp! The instructor, an old family friend, is super intense and puts a lot of thought and effort into each workout, which I love.  This week, she had a deck of cards workout planned! We partnered up and every group of two got a deck of cards to try to complete before the end of class. 

Clubs – Box Jumps
Spades – Pike-Up/Push-Up on the medicine ball
Diamonds – Sprints
Hearts – Weighted lunges

For this deck of cards workout, Jacks were 11, Queens were 12, Kings with 13 and Aces were 14! A joker meant you had to go through all four exercises doing 14 reps.

Good stuff!