22 Family Members, 1 Beach Mansion

Last week, I got to take Monday and Tuesday off from work to enjoy a long weekend at a beach mansion in Rhode Island with 22 family members. Yes, 22. Thanks to my wonderful grandparents, almost every summer the entire family manages to get together for an entire week. It’s pretty damn impressive, and always an incredible time.

(Go big or go home!) 

I’m the first grandchild to grow up, go to college, get a job and move out (look at me, following that oh so typical life-path). That also means that I was the first family member to have to say, “Sorry guys- that stuff called vacation time that you all have because you’ve been employed for years, or because you’re a teacher, or a student? Yeah, I don’t have that yet." It was a lot harder than I thought, hugging all 22 people goodbye and knowing that they still had 5 days left together, making memories that I wouldn’t get to be a part of. But I'm still incredibly grateful for the 3 days I got to spend with everyone! I mean, look at this view!
(Beautiful sunset the first night we got there, though nothing beats the sunsets at my beach on Long Island!)

Something that was far too exciting to me was the fact that our house was a quick 1 mile away from a beautiful running and biking trail! I had 10 miles scheduled for Sunday, which I was able to do with views of water and other nature-y things.  I also got to explore the area a little bit, and found the restaurant I would eventually make the executive decision was going to be the location of our big 22-person dinner out!

(Are you sick of these pictures yet? Good, me neither.)

Monday morning I headed back to the trail for my scheduled 8 miles. Tuesdays I usually take a spin class, but since I was in Rhode Island, I had to improvise. That improvisation meant donning a High School Musical helmet and riding my little cousin’s bike (complete with sparkly streamers) for 8 miles on the bike path. Certainly wasn’t expecting it to be as much of a workout as it was!

[I know that you all want a picture to be inserted right here of me and my wonderful bike/helmet but I am sorry to inform you that there is no photographic evidence that it ever happened.] 

Let’s see, what were some other highlights from the trip? A trip to the Daily Scoop, since I cannot turn down homemade ice cream. Especially when they had flavors like Banana Peanut Butter Cup and some Heath Bar concoction (that’s what I ordered, and the serving wasn’t skimpy!) I must say though, my sister’s smoothie was not so delicious.

Leave it to Mitch to discover a week’s supply of clams while at the beach. Thanks to some male bonding, we feasted on raw littlenecks, baked clams, and clams on the grill. KILLER!

(Baked clams for daysssss)
(Thank you Dad!!!)

My bagel-intake skyrocketed in those 3 short days- and I could never decide if I wanted sweet or savory, so this is what my breakfasts often looked like- a little bit of cinnamon raisin bagel with PB&J, and a little bit of egg bagel with cream cheese and lox. Normal, right?

(All about the lox) 
(Eggs, bacon AND lox? Sure why not)
(Sweet vs. savory bagels- I have some problems)

There were lots of good times spent playing can jam, badminton, What If, and Cards Against Humanity (yes, the family that is comfortable enough to play Cards Against Humanity together is a rarity). Along with my personal favorite, beer pong and flip cup.

Maybe my favorite part of the weekend were these little nuggets! I wish I got to see them so much more, they are simply the cutest.

(My Hoolie and Claire Bear)

I am so lucky to have such an incredible family, all made possible by these wonderful, wonderful people. 

(Nanny and Popsicle- simply the best. LOOK AT THEM. TOO CUTE!)

I am so glad I got a few days to relax, soak up some sun, and spend time with the people I love most. 
(Ah, livin' the life)

(We clean up nicely)