Fitness Friends, Sunday Funday Edition

In November, I will be volunteering at the New York City Marathon, handing out water to runners at the Mile 22 station. I can’t wait! I thought I would get some practice handing out water to people running past me at exceptionally fast speeds, while testing out my cheering skills.

That, and JackRabbit was offering $10 in store credit for every hour of volunteering at last Sunday’s Battle of Brooklyn in Prospect Park. Running ain’t cheap, and I’ve had my eye on a pair of compression sleeves for quite some time. And should probably get a fresh pair of kicks before my marathon. And I want a Sparkly Soul headband. And water bottles. And maybe just oneee more pair of spandex, with a butt pocket? Yeah. Needless to say, that store credit was mighttttty tempting. But in all honestly, I was also just excited to spend time at a race, around runners, and JackRabbit peeps who are an overall great group!

So that’s why I woke up super early on Sunday morning to sit on the 4 train for an eternity with David to get to Prospect Park by 7:15 a.m. 

(I may have been tired, but I think this guys morning was a little rougher...)

I got my volunteer shirt (Ok, the free shirt was ALSO an incentive!) and met up with my friend Nick before being sent over to water station numero dos (the best hydration station of the day, obviously).  

There were 6 of us there during the race and we got to wear awesome hats.

Some runners are really good at grabbing water on the fly. Others, not so much.

It was so fun though! Lots of people thanked us for being there, or had a funny little one-liner for us as the ran by. It was also great because the Battle of Brooklyn is a 10-mile race or relay, taking racers for 3 loops around Prospect Park, so we got to see faces over and over again. By the end of the 10 miles, we were like best friends.

I also got to see some November Project and JackRabbit friends run by, which was nice!

The weather was meh most of the morning, cold and rainy but then the sun came out and warmed us as we tried our best to get rid of the water to random runners out in the park. It was hysterical how excited some of them got that they were being offered water.

(Cloudy, yet sunny? You're pretty, Prospect Park)

I am a fan of volunteering at races, and can’t wait for the marathon!

Afterwards, we headed back to registration to sign out and I left with some awesome JackRabbit Battle of Brooklyn pint glasses and a whole buncha bananas. 

Then it was time to head home for a quick nap before #BetterThanBedtime with November Project. Tina, Jackie and I had decided to go as donuts because, why not?

(Will run for donuts!)

The theme was Noah’s Ark and everyone’s costumes were supah cute- but especially the tigers and composition notebooks. I looked a fool in my donut crop top and crazy socks, but what else is new? 

(Lookin' gooood)

We ran 4 miles to get to the secret location. Along the way, we ran through Central Park and a street fair where one stall offered us free hot dogs! Seriously regret not taking them up on that offer. I was so proud of my friend Tina who ran her furthest distance ever that night! :) Sweaty hugs were in order.


The run ended at Park Avenue Tavern where the good times rolled. Everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting through this group makes me smile- they are fun, enthusiastic, kind, badass, hysterical and inspiring. We’re a pretty good looking bunch too…

(Tribe leaders and a donut pyramid)

For some reason, at 10:30 p.m. I decided I didn’t feel like being sweaty on an air conditioned subway train so I just ran home instead. Ended up getting in my 6 miles for the day, after all! Hoorah!

Sunday was a fabulous day filled with fitness friends! 

(Sunday Funday, earned!)