Restaurant Review: Vegetarian's Paradise II

Vegetarian Chinese comfort food. That’s how I would describe Vegetarian’s Paradise 2, where I went with my roommate and his boyfriend to use a Groupon that I had bought. I had read a lot about their “chicken” fingers and so we all split an order of them. I hadn’t had fried food like that in a while, so they were delicious, but eventually gave me a horrible stomach ache.  The texture was a little strange, but that’s understandable since they weren’t actually chicken.

For dinner, I ordered two entrees and brought half of each home with me. I had the stuffed zucchini and one of the chicken dishes that came with a bunch of different vegetables and brown rice. 

(Stuffed zuchinni)

("Heavenly Chicken with Mixed Vegetables" wasn't that heavenly)

Overall, nothing here really impressed me. It didn’t taste healthy or fresh and the sauces were all super fake tasting. I did like my roommates orange chicken, but again, it was doused in sugary sauce. I'm really surprised by it's high ratings on Yelp.

If you couldn’t tell, I wasn’t a huge fan, and I doubt I would ever take another trip here. It’s a strange little restaurant too- pretty dingy and cheap looking inside. Sorry Vegetarian’s Paradise 2, you didn’t do it for me.