True Life: I Love Margaritas

So, looking through my pictures to remind myself what I still need to blog about, I came to a realization.

I drink a lot of margaritas.  Which is no surprise considering I have an entire section of my bucket list dedicated to them. So instead of individually reviewing each one in a separate post, I’m just going to write one big tequila-lovin’ entry about the many margs I’ve sipped this summer.

A recent discovery is Calico Jack’s Cantina in Murray Hill.  Every day, they have $3 margaritas (on the rocks or frozen) until 6 p.m. And the best part? If you order a drink- you can ask for chips and salsa and they’ll give them to you for free! 

(Delicious margaritas and FREE chips and salsa? Game on.)

Other best part? They use ROSE’S LIME JUICE – which is of course, the key ingredient to any quality margarita.  I’ve already been there three times in three weeks, so it’s safe to say they have my full support.  Plus, their playlist is usually killer AND Lady Gaga bartended there back in the day.  Rumor has it they have beer pong sometimes too.  So pretty much, I may end up becoming a regular.

While I have only positive things to say about the margaritas at Calico Jack’s, I was disappointed by the pitcher at Mexican Radio.  I had heard great things about this place, but at $50 a pop- so not worth it.  I was also excited to try the stuffed plantains there, and while they tasted good, they were nothing to write home about.  Sorry Mexican Radio, I won’t be back. 

(Unimpressive food and drink)

But somewhere I WILL go back to over and over again, is Blockheads and MotherBurger (they’re owned by the same people, along with Benny’s Burritos) for their Mexican Bulldogs.  Usually, I’m against frozen margaritas.  But these frozen margaritas are lethal and cheaper than ordering one on the rocks.  Add a floating shot of tequila and a Coronita? Your night is sure to be fun. And at $9 for bulldogs and $4 for frozen classic flavor margaritas, the price is certainly right.  

Although I don’t usually expect much from the food at these types of places, on my last visit I ordered the Vegetable Mother Bowl (salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, red onion and chick peas topped with a veggie burger) at MotherBurger and it was surprisingly delicious! 

(Eat all the chickpeassssssss)

(Fun night = guaranteed if you're drinking MotherBurger/Blockheads Mexican Bulldogs!)

The margaritas at El Rio Grande are some other level shit.  While they aren’t the absolutely tastiest margarita I’ve ever had, they more than make up for it with their potency.  I am ashamed to admit that after just half of an El Rio Grande Margarita (served in the classiest of plastic cups), I was all, “Whoah, time for some chips and salsa.”  Luckily, El Rio Grande is another one of those fabulous bars bestowing their patrons with complimentary chips and salsa.  And with drinks this lethal, it’s a damn good thing! El Rio Grande has a plethora of fun flavor choices- from lychee to prickly pear and everything in between. They’ll do any flavor either frozen or on the rocks (but since it’s the same price, I’ll judge you if you don’t get yours on the rocks).  They only downside to this place is the steep price ($12 per margarita) and lack of happy hour specials.  But the fact that you can be outside on their patio combined with the fact that you realistically only need one or two for a more than sufficient buzz, makes it totally worth it.  

(I’m convinced they use roofies or grain alcohol in these margaritas.  It’s what gives them their fluorescent glow!)

(Margaritas taste better outside. Proven fact.)
Though I drink a margarita pretty much anywhere I go, none will every compare to a margarita homemade by my dad.  Mitch’s margs = everything.  His secret? Rose’s Lime Juice and Grand Marnier.  Trust me.  Or trust Mitch. 

My parents went to a party recently where the centerpiece was a GIANT martini glass.  Because my sister’s 21st birthday was coming up, and because my parents are awesome, they brought it home and my dad proceeded to make the world’s most epic margarita.  Truly.  Look!

(Bigger than my face!) 

(Like mother, like daughters! We love our tequila!)

Sadly, I can’t have Mitch’s margs every day.  So I will let you all know my favorite margarita in NYC (though I’ll never stop searching).  Bamboleo’s on Bleecker Street, a tiny, unassuming Mexican restaurant with a grand total of about 5 bar stools, serves $5 margaritas from 4 – 7 p.m. every night and they are GREAT! 

You don’t go there to meet other people, since it’s usually pretty empty, but if you want a solid margarita, get your booty to Bamboleo’s.  I own one of their t-shirts.  The bartender recognized my voice on the phone when I called to make a reservation on my birthday. Pro tip: like them on Facebook for a free tequila show.  You’re welcome. 

(The only place to start my birthday celebration!)