The Most Wonderful Weekend

Sunday was one of those nights where I could curl up with my polka dot blanket and think, “Damn. Life is good.”

And that’s exactly what I did, in my apartment that is 
starting to feel more and more like home (I’ve lived here 8 months, it’s about damn time!)

I drank this sparkling flavored water that’s white grape flavored 
and it’s weirdly delicious. Except I think normal people would find it gross and artificial tasting and probably say something like, “Oh my God that’s disgusting it tastes like medicine!” I think the reason I like it, is because I used to ask my mom if I could have the grape Dimetapp cough medicine as juice in the morning. So this water is like a liter of Dimetapp-flavored nostalgia in a bottle. To answer your question, yes that is the proper spelling of Dimetapp and yes, I needed to Google it. The fact that to “Google” something is pretty much a legitimate verb in the English language is fascinating to me.

I have a million things that I should blog about that are long 
overdue- restaurants I want to review that I ate in months ago.  But instead, I feel like reliving this weekend and putting it down into words so ya know what? That’s what I’m going to do. I’ll catch up on the other stuff eventually, right? Yeah…

The end of last week/last weekend/the beginning of this week were 
absolute craziness with work.  By Friday I was SO excited to come home and clean my apartment and absolutely NOT go out. It was one of those cleaning sessions where I started and got really into it- like going through every single tank top and putting them in color order. I was doing all of this to prepare for my parents coming to spend the night Saturday, and to fool them into thinking I have my shit together (just kidding, Mom and Dad, my shit really is together!) but the problem was- I started at 6 at night and all of a sudden realized, “My apartment looks like a bomb went off because I have taken every inch of it apart and now it’s already 9 p.m. and it somehow all needs to get put back. Oh, and I still need to clean the floors and dust. And I’m waking up at 6 a.m. to run 14 miles before my parents get here in the morning. Crap.” Somehow I pulled the cleaning off and sat down to eat dinner at around 10 with my roommate and his boyfriend.  It was nice sitting and chatting (despite the fly that had Elephantitis that was flying around) but I needed to get to bed.

Tiffanie and I had signed up for our first time at a Nike+ NYC Live 
run. Conveniently, this weekend the run started at their UES store. I’m going to write a whole entry on the Nike run experience (like I said…eventually, right?) so for now I’ll just say that I ran 14 miles- sweet! 

(Hello, random bike!) 

I got back to my apartment, showered, let my parents in, helped them up with a few things, and then set out to meet my professor and friend from graduate school for brunch.  Except that I wasn’t brunching- since I was going to do lunch with my parents afterwards. 

I interrupt this blog post to bitch about the subway on the weekends. SO AWFUL. After waiting 15 minutes for a 6 train, it decides it’s going to go straight from 42nd Street to 14th Street. “We’re sorry for any inconvenience.” Inconvenience? You are literally skipping 4 stops. On the local train. What even? Ok, bitching over. 

When I finally got there, it was so nice to sit outside at Sarabeth’s and catch up with them. The graduate program in Corporate Communications at Baruch was seriously an amazing experience. I owe so much of where and who I am today to the short year and a half I was apart of it.

Next, it was off to meet my parents at Chelsea Market because as is par for the course whenever my parents grace NYC with their presence, it was raining. By now, it was after 2 o’clock and I had only eaten half a banana and a Gu and run 14 miles. We immediately walked to the Los Tacos No. 1 line and ordered two carne asada corn tacos with guacamole and demolished them. For some reason, they weren’t as delicious as I remembered them being (some of the pieces of meat were a little big and tough/chewy for me), but were still damn tasty, especially given my hunger levels.

(Los Taco No. 1 x 2)

We started walking around and hitting up all the possible free samples. My dad was in awe of the seafood market, and I was again obsessed with sampling all the different balsamic vinegars. After we did a lap, it was time to decide what we were going to eat. Winner? Num Pang. We decided to split two sandwiches, which I’ll feature, you guessed it, eventually. All you need to know is they are delicious Cambodian sandwiches on baguettes and we ate every last bite.
(Guess what's on this? You'll find out when I review Num Pang ~someday. Hope you can sleep at night.)

We decided that 3 p.m. was an acceptable time to start drinking, and my mom and I were both dying to check out the Standard Biergarten. Determined not to let the rain spoil the day, we headed over to the Meatpacking District. It never stops being crazy to me- how put together and rich and well-dressed everyone over there is. The Biergarten was packed despite the rain and SO LOUD because everything echoes in there. It looked like a Quinnipiac Greek Life reunion. Perfect preppy guys and girls in their twenties with way too much of their parent's money to blow, drunk at 3 p.m. It was kind of great. I will definitely be going back with my friends- despite the fact that my cocktail cost (my parents) $14 and you have to stand on a line to buy beer and food tickets and then stand on a line at the bar. But there’s ping pong and more impressively, FOOSEBALL!

Next, we hopped in a cab and headed back to my neck of the woods. I thought my dad would appreciate the beer list, so I brought them to Pony Bar. I ordered a margarita that came in a draft glass- heavy on the sour mix and made with OJ. Not ok. Probably the first (and hopefully only) time I refused to finish a margarita.


Much to my dad’s dismay, I had us walk from Pony Bar back to my apartment. We took some time unpacking and organizing all my fall clothes and my dad made my mom and I one of our favorite cocktails- St. Germain, gin and grapefruit juice. Yum! I felt like I was back in college, getting dressed and doing my make-up while drinking and listening to music. Except I was with my parents! It was kind of cool to realize we could do that together.

Before we knew it, it was time for our 9:30 reservation at Flex Mussels. Full review to come- but all I have to say is DONUTS.

After dinner, we tried to rally and go out for one last drink, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So instead, we went back to my apartment and I put on the Final Broadway Performance of RENT and we all got comfy and before I knew, I was asleep on the floor and my mom was yelling at me to go to bed. It was a weird experience having my parents stay over at my place for the first time- we were saying that now it officially feels like I live there, and not with them on Long Island. I’m a big girl now!

Now for Sunday- which I’m happy to say was one of the most productive days I’ve had in a loooong time!

I woke up to the sound of my mom stirring downstairs and texted her to make herself some coffee and that I would be down by 9 for a walk to the East River. She had been dying to see where I go for November Project and get all my amazing sunrise pictures! I made myself a cup of delicious homemade coffee (I must say, better than my usual McCafe) and although we certainly didn't catch the sunrise, my mom enjoyed the view of the water and it's was a brisk but beautiful morning for a walk. 

(Don't go away summer!!!!)

When we got back to my apartment, my dad had followed his orders and was ready to go for breakfast. I took them to Effy's Cafe, a place where I have been twice now for coffee and blogging. Finally, I was able to order some of their delicious sounding food. I'm a sucker for Greek/Mediterranean food- so a ton of their options were appealing to me. I finally settled on the Shakshuka! "The shakwhatta?" you ask. 2 poached eggs with a tomato stew on top, served with Greek salad, hummus and pita. 

Look at the presentation! Phenomenal. Everything at this place seems super fresh, looks amazing, and tastes great too. Did I mention the prices are totallllllly reasonable? They are. They have two locations, and I think you should check them out! 

I was being a baby and dreading my run due to the colder temperature. I know, I know. It was perfect running weather. Well what is perfect for most people, is slightly chilly for me. 

I laced up my shoes and headed down to load up the car with my parents- I knew if I didn't just get it over with while I was outside with them, it wouldn't get done. My legs/feet/ankles were feeling a little funky after Saturday's long run and I was sleepy. And did I mention it was cold(ish)? 

(I need this jacket, right? Wrong.)

With big hugs, I sent my parents off and told my mom to send me a To Do List for the day. Then, I headed to the park. 6 miles- CHECK. (Ok, so maybe it WAS perfect running weather and maybe I WAS completely over dressed...) Live and learn, live and learn. 

While I was out in the park, my momma sent me my to do list for the day and when I got back to my apartment it was time to get crackin'! Luckily, the fresh air and endorphins had given me a little oomph. First thing I did was put nail polish on one of my keys so I can tell the key to the building apart from the key to my apartment- FINALLY. Then, I hand washed 3 shirts and hung them up to dry. Cool. Took my recyclables out. Awesome, save that environment. Walked down the street to the farmers market where they were giving out free samples of delicious carrot noodles with sauteed kale and red onions. And there were free samples of baked goods. 

My purchases were proof that fall is here! An apple, peach, some corn on the cob and a cup of apple cider. YUM! 

Next it was off to the 92Y Street Fair that ran all along Lexington Avenue from 96th Street to 81st! I walked the whole thing, and wanted to buy EVERYTHING! Like this tank top with a monkey. How great? 

Highlight of the street fair? The kettle corn samples, obviously. I mean, half the people huddled around those tupperware have absolutely zero intention of buying a bag of kettle corn. After all, you can totally fill up by asking for a sample of each flavor- which I shamelessly did. Uhm, caramel popcorn smothered in cheddar? Died. 

The number of free samples I had was a little insane. Sadly, there was no option to sample the fried ice cream- but I did stand there creepily and watch how they made it for like 5 solid minutes. 

After sampling the Mamma Chia squeeze bags- I bought 4 for $5, one of each flavor.  They took my picture, but it hasn't popped up on social media yet what a shame. It must have been too good or something. 

(You can find some interesting shit at street fairs...)

I also got 4 books for $1! And my FAVORITE Essie color, Bikini so Teeny for $5 instead of the usual $8.50! Score! And then the fateful moment- just about to be on my way home when BAM! 


Not, not a fried dough stand. I had passed a million of those already. Dough, the bakery from Bed Stuy had a stand set up on 82nd Street. And after my amazing donuts at Flex Mussels the night before, I was craving more donutty deliciousness. I couldn't say no- I had heard way too much about these donuts. After a quick perusal of the internet to try to figure out what they were best known for, and being saddened to see that their oft-praised dulce de leche donut was already sold out- I went completely rogue and chose a Cafe au Lait donut. 

IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I was so not expecting this donut to live up to the ones at Flex Mussels. And while it wasn't AS incredible, because it wasn't filled (I'm a sucker for anything stuffed) it was still incredibly delicious (although somewhat greasy).  The icing had the perfect subtle coffee taste and the donut was light and airy becasue Dough specializes in yeast donuts. I threw it in the toaster oven for a few minutes to get it warm again which was a good call on my part if I do say so myself. 

On my way back from the street fair I stopped at the store to pick up a lasagna tray to place my NEW PALM TREE in so that when I water it the water doesn't leak everywhere.  The palm tree used to be at my grandma's house, so it means a lot and I will be doing my best to have a green thumb and keep it alive!!

(I think I might need to name it. Thoughts?)

I dropped my purchases off at my apartment and gave Mr. Palm Tree some water (Mr. Palm Tree just isn't cutting it for me, I need something better). 

(Me in a nutshell)

Then I walked right back out the door to the gym, where I suffered through an hour of yoga. Yoga and I will never be friends. At least, I can't see it happening.  I've given it a fair number of chances to reel me in and it just doesn't. I am not a fan. And it hurts. So that was an unenjoyable hour, unfortunately. 

(Pretending yoga is something I do...)

No- I still wasn't done being productive! On the way home, I stopped and got a manicure with my new Essie polish and took some pretty pictures of the sunset on my way back. 

(Damn NYC, not bad)

Dinner was delicious leftover Thai mussels with kale, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms and race thrown in the broth for good measure. 

Sunday, I must say, I rocked you. Hard.