Dough Loco!

In my hunt for the most killer donut, I have now been to Flex Donuts, Dough, Doughnut Plant and Dough Loco.

Walking to Dough Loco, I didn't feel like I was in the right place, and I didn't see it. Then suddenly, I could smell it. Sitting there, dangerously close to my apartment, on 97th & Park. 

Choosing between the Maple Miso and the Pineapple-Brown Butter from Dough Loco was a serious challenge. Had they not been sold out of the Banana Curry already, that would have put even more of a monkey wrench in the decision making process.  (Get it? Banana curry, monkey wrench?)

I ended up going with the Maple Miso and YUM- good choice.

The Maple Miso donut was pretty huge- it looked fluffy! I heated it up in the toaster oven before I had my first bite. Crispy and greasy.

The glaze was killer- if you’re ok with things being extremely sweet.  Which I am. I mean, it was maple after all. And this tasted like pure, maple syrupy goodness.  Not really sure where the miso came into the equation, but I didn’t really care.

Unfortunately, the cake part of the donut wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t light and airy, was a little dry (although that could have been from me toasting it) but most disappointing was the fact that it had a weird taste.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Overall this was an enjoyable, yummy dessert. But I have been training my palette to critique donuts for a few weekends now ;) And this donut just didn’t stack up to my previous ones from Flex and Dough.

My review on Doughnut Plant will be coming soon. And just in case you want a full run-down- here are my overall rankings:

Flex Donuts, Dough, Doughnut Plant, Dough Loco.