NP Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday is one of my favorite things. And lucky for me, NPers agree. 

Half the time I was running the Bronx 10-Miler on Sunday, I was contemplating what I was going to order at brunch with November Project friends after the race. 

(But first, we #EarnedBrunch)

When I got back to the UES after the race, I took a solo trip to Dough Loco to continue my hunt for the most amazing donut in Manhattan (more on that later). After picking up a Maple Miso monstrosity, I headed to my apartment for a shower before meeting up with everyone at Uptown Lounge & Restaurant for a good old boozy brunch- something that it has been far too long since I’ve participated in.

Not only is Uptown conveniently located 3 blocks and an avenue away from my apartment, but they have a GREAT deal. (Although you do need to walk the infamous 2nd Avenue to 3rd Avenue mountain to get there!) For $15.95 you get a breakfast entrée and 2 drinks (you can choose between a mimosa, Bloody Mary, Bud Light or Yeungling). There are so many entrée choices- including some quality shiz. I mean, Salmon Benedict? Salmon scrambled eggs? Banana stuffed French toast? 

There were no complaints about the food, or the drink. Service was eh but we were a large group at noon on a Sunday, so no one was expecting perfection.

(We are still unsure why our waitress took such a crooked picture. But instead of editing it, I am embracing it)

After brunch, we headed to East End Tavern for some beers and football. Next stop? My rooftop, after pit stops for beer and tequila, of course. 

My fabulous roommate made popcorn, the sun was shining, we alcohol was flowing, Kings was played and most importantly, Never Have I Ever was played. 

(Good lookin' bunch, don't you agree?)

Honey pretzel twists, guacamole chips, queso, hint of lime Tostitos, pretzels, Ranch dip and salsa were a sufficient dinner. 

(This is proper marathon nutrition, right?)

Somehow, it was suddenly 9 p.m. and we all had work in the morning.
(I'm pretty sure we all Instagrammed Sunday night's rooftop sunset- STUNNING!)

It was such a fun day/night and awesome getting to know people from November Project. 

Even more awesome? These people are my neighbors. So let the good times roll!