Track Attack- My Fastest Mile

While I was home last weekend, I decided that since I'm not currently doing any super long runs, I would focus a little bit on speed.

I went to the track to see how fast I could run a mile- something that I've never really tried before, running just one mile really fast! I was curious about how it was going to go.

I did a 1.5 mile warm up and took off.

First lap? Wayy too fast. I immediately regretted it and suffered for the remaining .75 miles.

I ended up finishing in 6:28:26. No idea if that's good or not, but it's something to work on.

I finished up by doing a slow, easy 1.5 miles.

And then, made my mom take some pictures of me sprinting past her ;)

My shins have really been bothering me again, and for once I'm actually completely taking off from running for awhile and letting my body do the recovery it needs to do in order to start training again in January.

I'm really wondering if the shin issues are a result of this track workout. Has anyone else experienced that? Since I was running so fast, I feel like I was putting a lot more impact on my legs and it's also a surface I'm not used to running on. Hmm.