The Wrap That Won My Heart

I've referenced it in multiple posts, but it's time that the energy wrap receives its own post!

Most people know of my love for peanut butter. Because of this very public love of peanut butter, a friend from November Project told me that a deli near our office had a delicious breakfast featuring some of my all time favorite things - for under $5! 

The description of this wrap had me SO excited. I might have even drooled a lot upon hearing the ingredients. 

But nothing could have prepared me for how truly delicious it was. Words don't really do it justice, and neither do pictures, you really need all of these flavors mixing together all up on your taste buds. 

So what is the energy wrap exactly? 

Whole Wheat Wrap. An actually tasty whole wheat wrap - like, next time I go I'm probably going to ask them what brand they use. 

Banana. One whole banana. Usually, sliced, but when 15 people go after a November Project workout and order the same thing, I guess they get lazy and just unpeel the naner and plop it in the wrap.

(Sorry if this was overwhelming...1237819 energy wraps please!)

Peanut Butter. Skippy. No organic, unprocessed, no-sugar added PB up in hurr. And I can't say I mind it... 

Walnuts. Do you know how expensive walnuts are? Expensive. They give you a big handful of crushed up walnuts - probably at least 2 "servings." (I have a serious problem with the serving sizes for nuts - I want to be able to eat more, dammit!) We won't even talk about the fact that a serving of walnuts is 185 calories...

(What 100 calories of almonds, pistachios, peanuts and walnuts looks like...looks like not enough to me...)

Granola. I have a real addiction to granola. I can no longer allow myself to keep it at my desk at work because it's gone in a day instead of the week or so that it should last. 

Raisins. Raisins are a staple in my oatmeal. Love 'em. Sugar and all. 

Honey. SO MUCH HONEY. I never used to like honey that much, but on this wrap, it #WERKS. It also makes it a little difficult to eat this neatly, but you'll be so happy to be eating it that you won't care what you look like. 

(Please stop and appreciate its beauty!)

So where can you get this? 

Delis 48 - on 48th Street between 5th & 6th Avenues. 

And are you ready for this? Walking to work the other day, I saw Toasties advertising the exact same thing, with the exact same name! I think I'm going to have to stop by one day and have a wrap-off. 

Word on the street is Alex from Burke's Bites created her own spin on the energy wrap! And it sounds deeeelicious.  You should check out her blog for other awesome recipes too!