Five Friday Faves

Time to be super girly for a sec and talk about some of my favorite products - because I recently got 3 Essie nail polishes at a street fair for $10 and it made my day! Normally, I'm not very picky when it comes to beauty products - makeup, moisturizer, nail polish - I'll buy whatever is on sale. But there ARE some exceptions. 

Here are my girly Friday Faves:

1) Oil of Olay Moisturizer - I'm pretty sure I love this stuff just because it's what I grew up using since it's my mom's favorite. But, mother's know best, right? They have a bunch of different products and creams - and I'm not exactly picky - active hydrating, complete all day moisture, classic moisturizing - potato potato. I always try to use a base coat before applying makeup! And I also use a dab of it on a tissue to remove eye make up! Probably terribly since you aren't supposed to rub abrasive tissues all over your eyes - but it works like a charm ;) (Approximately ~$10)

2) Miracle Skin Transformer - My grandma picked his up for me and Costco once, and I've used it probably every day since. It's FABULOUS! It's like the most incredible BB cream ever. If I'm feeling lazy, that's all I'll put on as my "makeup" in the morning - moisturizer, SPF  and cover-up all in one! Apparently it's even been featured on Dr. Oz. Go figure - my Nanny is a genius like that! (~$48 on their website for a 1.5 oz tube but ~$28 on Amazon - and hey sell it at Costco at a discount too!)

3) e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen -  I have always been absolutely terrified of liquid eyeliner, but when I accidentally picked this pen up without realizing that it wasn't your typical eyeliner pencil, I fell in love. It's superrrr pointed so it's really easy to put on and looks so much better, darker and smoother than a pencil. It doesn't last very long, but  e.l.f. is SUPER cheap - $2! Did you know it stands for eyes, lips, face? 

4) Essie Nail Polish - Yes, the price can be steep (~$8.50) - but the quality and the way it goes on is just SO MUCH BETTER than a $2 drugstore polish. Plus, they have so many wonderful colors AND if you invest in Essie - they usually have tons of it at nail salons. That means when you get a mani, you can pick an Essie color you own so that when you inevitably mess it up on the way home, you can easily touch it up ;) If you leave in NYC, there's usually a cosmetics booth at every street fair that offers Essie polish for $4 (or 3 for $10!) I currently have "take it outside" on and I'm loving it - the perfect neutral for fall. It's a little gray, a little lavender and a little beige. But my all time favorite is "bikini so teeny"!

5) Body Shop Satsuma Body Lotion - Growing up, I had a strange obsession with the scent emanating from Body Shops at suburban malls. Literally - every time I passed one, I just wanted to stand there smelling it forever. At some point, I dragged my mom in and demanded to know "WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!" Turns out it's their "Satsuma" scent. I love it to this day. (Price of the Satsuma collection varies depending on the product, but the body lotion is ~$13! And free shipping!)