Six Sunday Links After Billy Joel at MSG and Penn State v. Michigan Football Game

The weeks are just flying by and it's starting to make me feel a little panicked. In less than a week I'll be headed home for Thanksgiving and a few days after that we are off to Austin, Texas where Peter and I will be running the Decker Half Challenge despite my <10 weekly mileage totals these past few weeks.

My Google Map has been populated with about 100 points of interest - restaurants, hiking trails, bars, music venues - but one of these days we need to sit down and build out an actual itinerary. Because I like plans and organization and I want to leave Austin feeling like we conquered it! But I know I can't micromanage every second of our trip because spontaneity and exploration can be the best parts of experiencing a new city. 

Life has been passing by in a blur because I've settled into a routine that doesn't leave much room for deviation.

  • Monday - Work, Leg day at the gym, swimming lesson 
  • Tuesday - Spin, Work, JackRabbit 6-Close 
  • Wednesday - November Project (or lately, sleeeeep), Work, JackRabbit 6-Close 
  • Thursday - Spin, Work, a night to go straight home and c-r-a-s-h into bed 
  • Friday - Some type of workout, Work, Home to put some laundry in and clean up the mess that my apartment has become throughout the week before, typically, falling asleep without doing anything crazy. 
  • Saturday - Attempting a run  before starting the day
  • Sunday - Being a lazy bum, grocery shopping, cooking for the week (this week I made SPLIT PEA SOUP that came out so so good #humblebrag)

This weekend and these next few weeks, that routine will definitely be shaken up which is exciting and also a little overwhelming. 

When you're reading this on Sunday I'll have just had a very busy weekend, which I'm sure was super fun and super exhausting. 

Thursday night I went to see Billy FREAKING Joel at Madison Square Garden. 2 years of requesting tickets through work finally paid off and I got to see and hear The Piano Man live. Holy cow. 

Fun fact, a man from my hometown leads an awesome Billy Joel cover band and now plays IN Billy Joel's real-live touring band. Dreams do come true, people! 

And then Friday morning Peter and I headed to Happy Valley to rent a house with his college friends (eek, meeting friends, hope I'm not too embarrassing) for the Penn State/Michigan game and my first ever tailgating/college football game experience! Hopefully I survived the cold temperatures.

Traveling back on Sunday and not having time to prepare myself for the week is giving me slight heart palpitations I'm sure but the good news is it's a 2 and a half day week until I'm home cuddling with my puppy and getting ready to eat allllllll the Thanksgiving noms. 

Oh right, and that Turkey Trot 5 miler I'm running on Thanksgiving morning!

So, let's get to the links so I can get to Billy! (I'm writing this Thursday on my lunch break~) 

This week there aren't six Sunday links. There's 4. Because the Internet this week was full of things that I, quite frankly, don't want to address on this blog because they are too big and scary and sad and complicated

1. From Billy Joel Tribute Band to the Real Thing

Like I said - a man who graduated high school with my aunts and uncles now plays in Billy Joel's band, tours with him and has NEW YORK TIMES articles written about him. Pretty awesome. And I hope to one day see his tribute band, Big Shot, perform on Long Island!

2. Self-Promotion

I wrote this review of a one-man show I saw 2 weeks ago. It was funny and you should check it out! 

3. All The Light We Cannot See

Oh my lawwwdy please read this book. Put it on your Christmas list and buy a copy for the reader in your life. I devoured it in 3 days despite the 540 pages. 

4. Dad Holds GoPro The Wrong Way All Vacation

I can seriously sympathize with this poor dad, who thought he was filming the sights on his trip to Vegas but was really filming his face. 

#nailedit #goproPRO

#nailedit #goproPRO

This past weekend while I was home, I started to try out my own GoPro and it is NOT EASY and it made me feel really old and technologically inept. There's no screen to see what you're filming unless you connect it to your phone using Wi-Fi...a process that took me far too long to figure out using the 2 BUTTONS on the whole damn camera. Oy. 

Tips for me on using a GoPro?? 
Book recs? 
What's the last concert you went to? 
How do you handle a change to your routine?

Apparently I have a lot of questions.