An Affordable Workout Brand In A World of $100 Leggings

As a millennial female, workout-crazed and athleisure-obsessed, I’m going to tell you a fact that might blow your mind. Are you sitting? I’ve never purchased anything from lululemon. C’est vrai! (That’s French for “It’s true!” but sounds much more sophisticated).

I have in my possession two tops from lululemon and I got both of them for free.

I’m not anti-lululemon – in fact, I’ve gone into multiple stores with every intention of making a purchase. Once, I DID make a purchase. I put on those Naked Sensation leggings and my jaw dropped as quickly as my $180.

But then I got home and decided I just couldn’t justify the price tag.

Other times, after shopping around and entering the fitting room with armfuls of options, I was disappointed to find that nothing seemed to fit me in that “just-right” way that would justify spending large sums of money.

Look – lululemon has some ridiculously nice products. They’re comfortable, they last forever, and they have amazing customer service (free hemming in-store and a life time guarantee on their products). They’re also trendy AF and we have them to thank for making pants made of workout material acceptable in the workplace. The muscle tank I got for free after attending a yoga class is one of my favorite workout tops ever.

But if you’re like me and you just feel like lululemon is out of your realistic price range (because you also have to pay for the classes at the fitness studios you wear your lululemon clothes to) I wanted to let you in on a secret – lululemon is not the only brand out there!

There are more options than ever before in the world of athleisure and athletic-wear. Did you know that workout bottoms and leggings alone are a $1 billion industry?

Want some more staggering facts because I was once a wannabe journalist and I like facts? Athleisure was an almost $46 billion market in the US in 2016 and is projected to be an $83 billion market by 2020. Globally, athleisure could be a $350 billion market by 2020.

Yeah – there’s a lot out there. And the prices range anywhere from “You’ve got to be kidding me!” to “I’ll take one in each color!”

Once I started writing this post, I got really interested in seeing how all these brands stack up in terms of cost. Check out how I spent my Sunday afternoon at the coffee shop below (note to self: this might have something to do with why I’m single). 

Below are some of the trendiest names in sportswear/athleisure along with a few of my personal favorites for cute clothes to sweat in – leaving out the big brand names like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Under Armour, etc.

Brand                    Cheapest Regular Price Leggings               Most Expensive Regular Priced Leggings

Bandier                                $58                                                                         $225
lululemon                            $88                                                                         $198
Vimmia                                 $88                                                                         $180
Lorna Jane                          $70                                                                         $170
Alo Yoga                               $68                                                                         $150
Sweaty Betty                     $65                                                                         $135
ADAY                                     $98                                                                         $125
Lole                                        $49                                                                         $120
Prism Sport                         $86                                                                         $115
Day Won                              $74                                                                         $110
Varley                                   $75                                                                         $110
Beyond Yoga                      $70                                                                         $110
Athleta                                 $89                                                                         $108
Albion                                   $78                                                                         $98
Oiselle                                  $68                                                                         $96
Outdoor Voices                 $75                                                                         $95
Glyder                                  $64                                                                         $94
Rumi X                                  $72                                                                         $92
Janji                                       $82                                                                         $88
Gap Fit                                  $40                                                                         $83
Girlfriend Collective        $68                                                                         $78
CALIA                                   $60                                                                         $70
Fabletics                              $30                                                                         $65
Flo                                          $55                                                                         $60
Old Navy                              $20                                                                         $55
C9 Champion                     $13                                                                         $42
Senita                                   $35                                                                         $40        

Usually, I wear a mix of whatever I find on sale. I love Old Navy for their workout clothes and I love finding Under Armour and Nike on sale at random running stores. My C9 leggings from Target might be unraveling at the seams, but the price was right.

But recently I discovered a brand that blew me away with their prices and quality – and most importantly, THEIR POCKETS! I had to write about them on the blog.

Senita Athletics Review

There is nothing more exciting to a runner than discovering workout clothes with pockets – pockets for your phone, pockets for your keys, pockets for your metro card and credit card, pockets for your gels, etc. 

The brand Senita has pockets galore! Pockets in their shorts, pockets in their leggings, pockets in their SPORTS BRAS and even pockets in their tank tops.

Not only are their most expensive pair of leggings the cheapest of the brands I looked at – the range is the least drastic. If you go to Senita, you know you’ll pay around $35-$40 for a pair of leggings. Easy. No scrolling to find the pieces you can afford and being bummed when you realize the pair that caught your eye is the most expensive thing on the site. (Whenever this happens to me I try to soften the blow by telling myself that it means I just have really great taste).

I’ve now purchased 5 items from Senita and can confirm that I’m a big fan! The fabric is soft and comfortable, the items are stylish and functional and the selection is HUGE.

So far, I’ve gotten:

Ava Crop Top in Gray – This is great with high waisted leggings and I’ve even worn it out and about in high waisted jeans!

Senita Ava Crop Top

Zara Crop Top in Ponderosa – I’m obsessed with this crop top/sports bra. The color is on brand for me, there’s a little zipper on the side that is great for stashing your keys out on the run, and putting it on feels like I’m getting a hug.

Senita Ava Crop Top

Portland Pants in Green – The pockets are killer! Large enough for my Google Pixel 2, one on each side, and nothing moves up and down while I’m running. These look just like a pair of Outdoor Voices leggings, in my favorite color scheme, for half the price. I love that they’re high waisted and even though I’m only 5’1, they don’t bunch at the ankles! All the exclamation marks!

Senita Portland Pants

Sarah Sports Bra in Palm – I’m a sucker for patterns, especially green patterns. And this sports bra has the most phenomenal cell phone pocket. It takes some getting used to to get your phone in and out, but I was able to fit my fairly large cell phone (complete with donut pop socket). Last weekend, I ran my 6 miler with my phone in this sports bra and I honestly forgot that I had my phone with me at all.

Senita Sarah Sports Bra

Boyfriend Tank 2 in Light Green – I loooove a good muscle tank. The larger the arm holes, the better, especially for days I’m lifting weights. This fabric wasn’t my favorite, it seems to get wrinkly – but the newest inventory is in a heavier material that I think I might like better.

Other items I’ve been stalking on their website?

Tempo Tank 2 – a tank top with a pock along the side? Yes!

Elevate Shorts – 5 POCKETS?! HIGH WAISTED?! Ok might just buy these right now…

A few tips when ordering from Senita:

  • If you follow them on Instagram, they do great videos that show you the differences between all of the colors. A lot of them tend to be close to each other, so this is really helpful.

  • I absolutely love how inclusive their website is of all body types (they even have maternity items). While you’re browsing, it helps to see people with real bodies wearing and moving in the clothes.  I’ve found the reviews from every day customers on fit and sizing to be extremely accurate and helpful when ordering.

  • Because Senita sources from a lot of different manufactures to keep costs low, it’s important to read about the sizing for each product, because size and fit does defer from item to item.

  • A disclaimer that I’ve finished some really intense workouts and my leggings were discolored from all of the sweat – might want to stick to wearing them for lower-intensity workouts or strength days – not the HIIT workouts!

  • If you join the Senita Sisters Club you can earn rewards for purchases, reviews, etc.

  • Read the descriptions of the products – they have a ton of good information – like whether the bras have padding, the shorts have liners, etc. I personally don’t love padding in my sports bras, but it’s all removable if you want to take it out!

I wasn’t paid to write about Senita, I just wanted to share a brand that I was very excited to discover. Senita was created by two mothers who were appalled at the prices other workout brands were charging, and they’re by far the most affordable, high quality product I’ve found.

Did I mention the pockets? 😉 Senita is really nailing the pocket to price ratio.

Workout gear is a super personal preference, and once you find a brand you like and feel comfortable in, people tend to stay loyal. Senita has found a loyal customer in me, but luckily – there’s no shortage of options.

If you order something from Senita, use this link and you’ll get 10% off! (And I’ll get some loyalty rewards points!)

And if you still want the meaningless (literally) lululemon logo on your bum during your next workout class – there’s the “We Made Too Much” section of their website. Just make sure you’re trying things on in the store and know your sizes as these purchases cannot be returned!

Another tip? Athleta’s semi-annual sale is going on right now and I might have just purchased an $80 skort.