A Plethora of Pictures and a Disappointing Bike Ride

Spring has arrived here in NYC and I am amazed at how different every street looks with leaves on the trees. Seriously, I keep thinking I've made a wrong turn!

The warmer weather, the green leaves, and the colorful bursts of flowers blooming have all encouraged me to slow down a little, keep my head up instead of looking down at my phone, and to notice some of the truly beautiful sights I'm surrounded by in this concrete jungle. 

I've been snapping pictures left and right & since I haven't been writing many general life update posts, I figured I'd just do a photo dump. That's a very unappealing blogger phrase, isn't it? Photo dump? 

Let's call it a PLETHORA OF PRETTY PICTURES instead. 

And some stories. 

Central Park Bridge

Central Park is simply stunning during this time of the year. 

Usually, I run without my phone in the park. I'm so close to home that I tie my keys to my shoelaces and leave everything else behind. But with everything in bloom, I've been very tempted to bring my phone with me on my runs so I can stop and get in a few more shots like this! 

Central Park Flowers
Central Park Sunset

The other night, I took my GoPro out for a walk in the park at sunset. Unfortunately, I still have yet to master my GoPro - instead I just ended up taking pictures on my iPhone and then editing them until they looked really grainy and awful...woops! But you get the idea - it was a really pretty night in the park! 

Central Park Sunset
Central Park Sunset
Central Park Sunset
Central Park Sunset
Central Park GoPro

Can you tell which one was taken with the GoPro? Heh. 

I've also been swooning over the flowers popping up everywhere! 

So happy to break out these shoes - they are so comfortable but soo worn out. I think it's time for a new pair. Or 3. Any suggestions? 

Upper East Side Apartment

I've also found myself taking a lot more notice of the architecture I pass every day. There are so many unique looking buildings in Manhattan, and even in my own little area of the city. 

Upper East Side Apartment
Upper East Side Church
Upper East Side Architecture

Last weekend, I set off on what I planned on being a 30 mile bike ride to prepare for the 5 borough bike tour. The ride was supposed to end at Zen Bike's, where I bought my beautiful Bianchi, so that it could get a tune-up. 

I rode across to the east side hoping to hop onto the East River running path and well, I made it about 2 avenues before my tires skidded out from under me because of the rain and I completely wiped out. Luckily, I fell into a parking lot and was able to stand and brush myself off. But I had some lovely scratches and a nice big bruise on my butt. 

Tears sprang to my eyes but instead of going the "boo-hoo" route I told myself, "It's going to happen. Get up, get back on, and get your ride done." 

I walked my bike the rest of the way to the river because I was really shaken up. When I finally set off again I realized that the entire east river path is basically impossible to get onto until you're way far downtown. That's what I get for jumping the gun and not just waiting for the group ride at 11 a.m. 

Frustrated at myself, wet, sore, and scared of riding in the streets - I slowlyyyy got myself to Zen's. It seemed that every turn I took there was something else in my path. Construction, a street closed for a festival, a moving truck. It was an absolute DISASTER. 

Needless to say, 30 miles didn't happen. Instead, I took my bike on the subway home. But, I got the tune-up done and the platform pedals put back on (I'm scared to clip in for the stop and go of the 5 Borough Bike Tour) so it wasn't a complete failure of a morning. 

And, I got this trio of pretty pictures: 

Sutton Place
Sutton Place Park
Sutton Place Park