Three New Yogurt Products Hit the Shelves

I am a HUGE yogi. 

No - I don't do a lot of yoga. In fact, I do way less yoga than I should. 

But I do eat lots and lots of YOGURT. Which I called "yogi" as a little girl. 

Almost every morning starts out with a Greek yogurt with half a sliced banana. Sometimes honey or cinnamon if I'm feelin' crazy. 

So when I was given the chance to review different yogurts for my blog - I was super stoked. 

Receiving a box full of ice packs and over a DOZEN yogurts was like Christmas in March. 

1. Almond Dream Non-Dairy Yogurt

From the creators of Almond Dream milk comes a dairy-free, lactose-free, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan yogurt product - good for allllll the dietary restrictions.

I had tried some soy-based yogurts as part of a "gluten-free dairy-free" phase (that lasted about 2 days) and was NOT a fan. But I was intrigued by this almond based non-dairy yogurt because I love almond milk. 

The "plain" flavor had a somewhat sweet undertone but I still wasn't a huge fan. There was something strange about it that I couldn't quite place my finger on despite reading the ingredient list over and over and over again. 

If I couldn't eat dairy, I would definitely prefer this over a soy-based yogurt - but something about the beige, lumpiness of it really made eating it difficult. Plus, I just really didn't enjoy the flavor! I had to douse it in honey to make it more palatable. 

The flavored versions of this were a definite improvement, though they were a little fake tasting to me.

2. Coconut Dream Non-Dairy Yogurt

On Day 2 I decided to try the Coconut Dream Plain non-dairy yogurt while the almond version was fresh in my mind. This is a new product so I was excited to be one of the first to give it a try.

Honestly, I didn't notice much of a different between the two. The Coconut based yogurt was slightly sweeter, but there was still something I wasn't loving about it. I think I've decided that it's an almost sour taste - which I know a lot of people feel about yogurt in general. 

Perhaps I've just grown so used to Greek yogurt that I need time to acquaint my taste buds with this non-dairy version. 

The Coconut Dream and Almond Dream yogurts have left me longing for my Fage or Chobani. Even an Oikos.

The flavored versions of the Coconut Dream yogurt were also an improvement over the plain - though I think the consistency of the coconut-based yogurt is a little thinner than the almond-

The vanilla flavored Coconut Dream yogurt flavor reminded me a lot of vanilla pudding! 

3. Greek Gods Nonfat Yogurt with Chia Seeds

Ah, now here is a yogurt I can get behind. These new yogurts from Greek Gods feature chia seeds in every container - which I love. I also love that because it's Greek yogurt, there's 12 grams of protein in every cup!

Chia seeds are like magical little black dots that make me not need to snack 7 times before lunch. And since they're soaking in the fruity goodness at the bottom of the yogurt, they are soft and juicy and delicious. This yogurt got a big thumbs up from me.