14 Things Foodies Will Fight to the Death About

This recent post on BuzzFeed had me cracking up! I don't know if I'm able to call myself a foodie yet, but this article made me feel like I'm well on my way!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Let's be real- choosing the perfect filter is key when insagramming your food, or anything for that matter! Including gym selfies...are you going to go HD on that veggie burger? Lofi that lobster roll? Very important questions. 

I'm totally on board with the current brussels sprouts craze- it seems they're on every menu! "It" ingredients I could do without? Fennel and radishes. GTFO my salads! 

The other night I thought I could name my favorite cheese. JOKES! I ended up going through a list of about 8 before giving up. (But in case you're wondering, I'm a big fan of ricotta, feta, blue, and goat- to name a few) 

So, totally, me.  I was called a "little Nazi" at Spice Market the other night. 

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