Sun in Bloom: Restaurant Review

Spring has arrived here in NYC- and I find myself stopping to take pictures of flowers blooming and being willing to walk a lot more frequently.  It’s also a lot easier to crave veggies and all-natural food when you aren’t freezing and just wanting a nice big skillet of mac and cheese from S’mac.

(Flowers are blooming all over NYC, hooray!) 

So Sunday I went for a lovely stroll from Nolita to the Financial District to cross another place off my bucket listSun in Bloom.  The original Sun in Bloom is a sit down restaurant in Brooklyn, but the new location on church street mainly services take out- although we opted to sit at the counter.  The shop was SO cute- and totes instagrammable (that was intentionally disgusting sounding).

They aren’t serving their full menu yet- but they said it should be ready soon.  There were still plenty of options, as well as a fridge with pre-made food for people on the go!

Based on the look and feel of this place, along with a m enu featuring things like 3 bean chili, sweet potato soup, and a chickpea miso soup- I had high hopes! Everything served at Sun in Bloom is vegan and gluten free.

I ordered the macro bowl, which comes with brown rice, the daily bean, steamed greens, wakame, the daily veggies, and house made raw sauerkraut with sesame ginger dressing.  That afternoon, the daily bean was black beans and the daily veggie was parsnips and sweet potatoes.

(Meh to the macro bowl)

I was underwhelmed by this meal- especially for the somewhat steep $12 price tag.  I was full by the end, but left wishing it had been better than the bland brown rice and dry black beans I experiences.  I really wasn’t impressed at all.

My friend ordered the sunrise scramble- ginger-miso glazed aphrodisiac tofu fusion served with steamed greens, the daily bean and brown rice.

That aphrodisiac tofu fusion saved the day- and possibly secured Sun in Bloom another show one day.  Again, not sure the $10 price tag was worth it considering everything it was served with was less than stellar- but the seasonings used in this tofu scramble were pretty spectacular. And the seaweed salad was tasty too!

(An improvement over the macro bowl) 
I may check Sun in Bloom out again one day when the entire menu is ready to go- but for now I’ll pass on the over-priced, under-flavored food.  For a place whose menu features some of my favorite ingredients, this was a bummer.

What do you think? Is it worth a trip to the sit-down location in Brooklyn?