It Ain't Even Mah Birthday! Cake Cake Cake! Restaurant Review: Tompkins Square Bagels

If you follow enough NYC-based Instagram accounts, you'll start to notice that the same food tends to pop up again and again. Avocado toast from Cafe Gitane, the Salty Pimp cone from Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, the infamous cronut from Dominique Ansel, and recently, the birthday cake cream cheese from Tompkins Square Bagels. 

You read that right. Birthday Cake. Cream Cheese. 

In fact, Tompkins Square Bagels was just named as one of NYC's 30 most Instagrammed Restaurants thanks to its colorful, sprinkled cream cheese. Can't you see why? It's just so cheerful and delicious looking! 

(Some of my favorites from Instagram!)

Of course, when I found out that Friday's November Project workout was going to be at Tompkins Square Park and people were planning on getting bagels afterwards, I knew I had to go. Despite the fact that the Birthday Cake Cream Cheese looked great- I was hesitant to order it with other options like Peanut Butter Cream Cheese and Cookie Dough Cream Cheese on the menu! 

(What a lovely - freezing cold - morning for a workout followed by BAGELS)

We walked in and I was surprised at how big the place was- there's tons of seating in the back and even an outdoor seating area. I was also surprised that for such a popular place, they really didn't have their shit together! 

First of all, their register was broken so they couldn't give any change. Then someone ordered an espresso and they couldn't get the machine to work. Then, they were out of the wasabi cream cheese that like 5 people wanted to try. It was a slight disaster to say the least. 

But luckily I had a $5 bill on me and a bagel with a flavored cream cheese was $4.75. I decided to I had to see what all the fuss was about with the birthday cake cream cheese, and ordered it on one of their french toast bagels. You think I have a sweet tooth or something? 

(There she isssss)

I'm not going to lie. I was skeptical about this birthday cake cream cheese. I thought it was just going to be cream cheese with some sprinkles in it, and be more about the way it looked than the actual taste of it. Happy to report that this stuff highly exceeded my expectations! It really tasted like cake batter flavored cream cheese! Think funfetti. On a bagel that was warm and perfectly toasted, but still doughy enough for my liking. The flavor of the bagel was really great too- it really did taste like french toast! I feel like the picture does all the explaining- this bagel was no joke a french toast bagel. Look at that thing. 

It was amazing. I ate half of it there and brought the other half in to the office to eat a little later in the morning and I was seriously so bummed when it ended. I could have eaten like 5 more. It was so good, that if I were to go back to Tompkins Square Bagels (ok, WHEN I got back to Tompkins Square Bagels) I think I'll probably get it again instead of trying the PB cream cheese or one of the others! Crazy, I know. 

And of course, I got one of the classic bagel shots to Instagram. 

The Tompkins Square Bagel trend isn't all hype. 

Jump on that bandwagon.