Two More Trips to Two Tablespoons

Over the summer I wrote a review of a vegetarian pop-up shop at Madison Square Eats called "Two Tablespoons." I fell in love with their summer rice paper wraps and glass noodle salads with some of my favorite seasonal flavors.

(Not a bad view from Madison Square Eats!)

Since that initial review I've been back to Two Tablespoons twice- another time for their summer wraps and salads and more recently, for their updated fall menu at the Bryant Park Winter Village Holiday Shops.

Let's chat, shall we?

The second time I visited the Madison Square Eats stand for the summer menu I ordered the combination again- two wraps with a small glass noodle salad came to $13. I thought the value was pretty good for how filling the meal was! I didn't have any leftovers like the last time I had had it...but it's probably because I had run beforehand.

This time, I ordered the gluten-free, vegan corn, coconut and curry sauce summer roll and the tofu, quinoa and almond sauce summer roll. Both were delicious, and it was awhile ago so it wouldn't be fair for me to pick a favorite.

The salad I went with this time was the favorite of the woman working that afternoon- the cabbage, apple and ginger miso which was made up of glass noodles, red cabbage, carrots, apples. scallions, ginger, gluten-free miso and olive oil. It was so fresh tasty!

What I loved about the summer menu at Two Tablespoons was that everything was fresh and in season and it just made you FEEL like you were eating something summery. Both times I dragged myself up to my rooftop to enjoy my summer rolls and salad outside in the sunshine.

So I was so excited when I realized that Two Tablespoons would be setting up a booth in Bryant Park for the holidays- a few blocks from my office meant I could easily get delicious, healthy, fresh lunches. And when I saw that their winter menu was going to focus on chili and loaded smashed potatoes? Excited is an understatement.

(Oh Bryant Park, you've always been my favorite!)

Check out this menu. It's safe to say ANY of these is a winning combination. The potatoes go for $7.50, the chili is $5.50 for a small and $8.50 for a large, or you can go big like me and get a combination- a potato and a small chili for $12.50.  This was two days of lunches for me.

The potato I decided to go with was the pumpkin, tahini, hummus.

By the time I got it back to my office, it needed to be reheated a little bit. It wasn't as big as I had hoped, but it was tasty. Not mind blowingly tasty though. What's with the duddy spuds lately?

The sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds added a nice crunch to the otherwise mushy components of the dish. The pumpkin hummus wasn't too pumpkin-y which I appreciated, because unlike almost every other female in my demographic, I am not CRAZY about pumpkin-flavored things.

The next day, I reheated my chili with hopes that this would make me forget about the not-so-impressive potato. It was definitely an improvement! I ordered the Chickpea, Spinach and Coconut Chili. It had curry flavors and was loaded with broccoli and tons of chick peas! 

Overall, I have to say that I like two tablespoons summer menu better- but I still have a lot of things to try and they all sound seriously awesome!