Newest Obsession

This post has nothing to do with fitness or food, but I think you should read it anyway, especially if you live in New York City.

I've recently discovered, through my addiction to both Thrillist and Gothamist, the solution to expensive cab rides. At least from their operating hours of 6:45 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.

So no, it's not going to save you money when you're stuck trying to get back uptown after a crazy Saturday night of bar hopping in the East Village. But when it's pouring rain and you live a mile walk from the closest subway and you desperately want to hail a cab, but you're a poor twentysomething and rent is more important than keeping yourself dry, then it's going to save you money.

It's called Via.

Via is different than Uber or Lyft because it's a car share service. If the driver can pick up 5 passengers along the way, without going off-course from where you need to get, he will. So you're not guaranteed the car all to yourself. But you know what is guaranteed? The ride is going to cost you $5. Every time. No matter how long you're stuck sitting in traffic and no matter where you need to be (within their current parameters of 110th Street to 32nd Street). 

Once you connect your credit or debit card to Via, you buy in "credits." Each ride is $5. I'm not kidding. $5. You use the app to set your drop of and pick-up location and Via tells you how far away the car is, the number in the window, and where exactly it will pick you up (sometimes you have to walk a block or two, but never anything major). 

When you sign up for the app, you get one ride free. And be on the lookout for friends posting promo codes! I got $20 in free ride credits- that's 4 FREE RIDES! I used one the Wednesday before Thanksgiving- it was pouring rain and I had a huge duffel bag to bring home and instead of struggling to commute on the subway, I sat in a beautiful, clean Suburban, Escalade, whatever. It took 13 minutes for a car to get to me once I requested one- on a busy travel day, at rush hour, in the rain. Not bad at all if you ask me! 

When I got back to the city from Thanksgiving weekend, I had a Via car pick me up at Penn Station and the driver was so nice- his previous passenger had left her cell phone in the car and he was going to return it to her, but kept apologizing to me all because he had to make a 5 second stop. All the drivers I've had so far have been extremely friendly and professional- and anyone I've shared a car with has also seemed like a normal, young professional. 

Download the Via app and enter this promo code for $20 in ride credits: lauren5d3