Is ClassPass The Right Fitness Plan For You?

After a month as a quasi ClassPass member, I won't be signing myself up for a membership - but  here are some key take-aways in case you're weighing the pros and cons of a gym membership vs. becoming a ClassPass crusader! 

Is ClassPass Right For You?



ClassPass has a pretttttty unforgiving cancellation policy that leaves no room for excuses. If you're signed up for a class and feel a little lazy an hour before you're supposed to show up - that don't fly. Unless you've got unlimited money and aren't concerned with a $15 late cancellation fee. 

But for us cash-strapped twenty-somethings over here - you better be cancelling by the 12 hour cut-off or getting your booty to the studio. 

Not only will you face a $15 charge if you cancel less than 12 hours from your scheduled class, but it counts as a visit to that particular studio (the Unlimited plan allows up to 3 visits to any one studio in a month time period) and if you have a membership allowing a certain number of total classes - you've just lost one even though you didn't actually go. 

To me, this cancellation policy is a deterrent. Life happens. Things comes up. But if you're someone who needs consequences to encourage you - ClassPass is a great motivator. 

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ClassPass allows you to take classes at SO MANY studios in New York City. It's very rare, in fact, that a studio doesn't partner with ClassPass in the Big Apple. ClassPass is essentially the Tinder of the fitness world. You're free to browse an endless amount of boutique fitness studios and classes until you find the ones that are the right matches for you. 

I know I love boot camp classes and HIIT. Hence, I didn't use any of my ClassPass sessions for a yoga class. But if you're lacking the knowledge of what you like and what you don't like when it comes to working out - ClassPass is a great way to try a variety of classes until you find your favorites. 


Some people know what they like in terms of fitness - but that doesn't mean they're content to go to the same class over and over again. If you like to avoid fitness fatigue and mental burnout from doing the same routine week after week, ClassPass is a great way to find yourself boxing one day, doing speedwork at a treadmill-based class the next day, and stretching it out with a hip-hop yoga class the next day. 

This is by far the biggest draw of ClassPass to me. I've tried creating a schedule for myself - "Monday BodyPump, Tuesday Speedwork, Wednesday Bike Ride, Thursday Swim, Friday Yoga, Saturday Long Run, etc. etc." but it only ever lasts about a week until something in my schedule changes of I wake up and just don't feel like doing the same thing yet again. ClassPass keeps the boredom at bay. 



Alright, so maybe this isn't a stand-alone reason for you to join ClassPass - but it is a major perk. The website is extremely well designed and allows you to search for classes in a lot of different ways depending on what your priorities are. 

I love me some search filters. Anybody else? 

You can search ClassPass's databases by studio name, class name, location, amenities, class types, etc. This came in handy so many times even in the short month that I used ClassPass. Some nights you're trying to fit in a class after work and before dinner plans with friends - you can use a map to figure out a studio that's conveniently located. Sometimes you're going straight from a workout to your office and need to make sure the studio has a shower. Sometimes you're really looking to get a yoga class scheduled. #Filter!


Your Google calendar is a work of art AND you carry around a physical planner too. If you're all about keeping a schedule and staying organized - ClassPass will be a breeze for you. Many of the more popular classes around NYC fill-up on ClassPass really quickly. 

Typically one week in advance the classes open up on the ClassPass website for registration. If you're organized and have a list of the classes you want to register for - kudos to you. For me, my workout plans tend to happen a little more sporadically and I don't always know a week ahead of time what I'll be feelin'. 

I wasn't able to try a few studios that I intended to during my trial because they were all filled up by the time I got around to trying to register (I'm lookin' at you Tone House and Fhitting Room). The other thing I found is that even if there were classes available, they were for the most obscure times that wouldn't work for most people's schedules. 

And what's up with Barry's only opening 5 a.m. classes for ClassPass users? Lame, Barry. 

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A lot of times, I'm totally fine with doing my own workout at the gym. I have enough motivation to get myself there and to push myself. Many times, I'll use a routine borrowed from a class I've taken in the past. But there are some people who do much better in the motivation department if they're in a group fitness class. (And trust me, many times that gets me a hell of a lot more motivated too). 

If you constantly find yourself backing out of gym plans because you don't feel like going alone, don't know what you're going to do once you get there, feel self-conscious or just feel like you aren't pushing yourself hard enough - ClassPass and group fitness classes in general are a wonderful antidote. 


Most importantly, you need to be OK with shelling out a good chunk of change for a ClassPass membership. You can look at their different options here but plans range in price depending on the market (available in many cities including Austin, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Vegas, London, LA, Melbourne, get it - basically every major city). In New York the cheapest membership gets you 5 classes per month for $75 ($15/class). In a market where boutique fitness studios easily charge $30/class, you're getting a good deal per class BUT you're only getting a workout 5 days out of the month whereas a gym  membership allows you to workout every day if you want. 

Recently, the cost of an unlimited ClassPass membership jumped up to $200. Yes, it's a lot, but if you were to take a class every day of the month - the cost would work out to less than $7 per day/class. 

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*ClassPass didn't pay me to write this blog post. I signed up through their trial offering and cancelled at the end of the month.