The Perfect Gym Bag for Working Women Exists!

Months ago, I wrote a blog post about the best gym bags to take working women from their apartments, to the office, to the gym, to happy hour and beyond. It seemed like the perfect bag might not exist, but one thing was certain – this wasn’t a problem I was facing alone.

Each month, my post about gym bags is consistently my most viewed page on Peanut Butter Is My Boyfriend.

I thought it was time to talk about the bag that I ended up purchasing 6 months ago – to shout from the rooftops that the Lo & Sons OG bag is near perfection, and has been my every-day bag every day since I bought it.

To recap, the Lo & Sons OG Overnight Bag met many of my requirements. There’s a shoe compartment, a laptop sleeve, it’s perfect for travel since it slides onto suitcase handles, and it has the look of a professional bag instead of a gym bag.

Perfect Gym Bag

The OG Overnight Bag is full of compartments to keep things organized. There really is a spot for everything. By far my favorite part is the zippered section for my shoes. They slide in easily and stay completely separated from my clothes. Plus, if there’s ever a day I don’t have a pair of shoes in my bag, the pouch rolls up inside the bag to create even more space.

There’s a padded laptop holder for the days I head to a coffee shop to blog, pen compartments, zippers galore, and even a built in key chain.

Did I mention the little feet on the bottom so I can place it on the floor of the subway or train and it doesn't get dirty? 

Here’s what I fit in it on a daily basis.

Apartment to Gym to Work

Most mornings I wake up and go to the gym. To give myself some extra time to sleep, after my work out, I shower and get ready at the gym instead of going back to my apartment before heading to work.

On those days, I fit everything I need to get ready for the day in my OG bag.

Lo and Sons Perfect Gym Bag
  • Outfit – Bottoms, top and shoes for the day!
  • Makeup – The red pouch contains all my makeup that I use daily.
  • Toiletries – The little black zippered pouch has things like floss, toothpaste, band aids, tweezers, etc.
  • Brush
  • Deodorant
  • Food – A Tupperware, snacks, gum, etc.
  • Water bottle
  • Headphones
  • Resistance Bands
  • Lock
  • Wallet
  • Planner

Apartment to Work to Gym

Lo & Sons OMG Bag Review

On the days I head to the gym after work I have even more space in my bag since I don’t need my makeup and toiletries. I just throw my sneakers in the shoe compartment, add some makeup remover pads and head out the door.

Apartment to Airport 

When I travel for work, the OG bag is the PERFECT carry on. The back of the bag unzips and allows me to slide the bag over the handle of my suitcase so I don’t even need to carry it on my shoulder. And it fits perfectly under my seat.

The padded laptop sleeve and other section perfectly hold notebooks, folders, and other work things that can't get crinkled. 

I also love that the OG keeps it shape even when it’s empty.

Bottom Line

When I originally wrote my blog post about finding the perfect gym bag, I shied away from the OG because of the price tag. But now that I’m the proud owner of one, I cannot say enough how worth it it was!

Plus, if you have some patience and check their website frequently, Lo & Sons does have quite a few sales. You can sometimes find the OG bag for up to 40% off!

The ONE thing the OG doesn’t have that some gym-goers may miss is a dedicated water bottle sleeve. But I never have trouble standing mine up inside – the bag is plenty tall!

So there you have it – what I think really might be the perfect gym bag for the working woman! And no, Lo & Sons didn’t pay me to say nice things about them! It’s really just a product that I think deserves the praise! And I think YOU deserve a bag that fits all the shiiiiit we ladies carry around on a daily basis! 


Photos from Lo & Sons