The Best Low Calorie Ice Creams - So You Can Stop Eating Arctic Zero

When I first heard that there was practically calorie-free ice cream back when Arctic Zero first came out, I was over the moon.

In fact, after a break-up, I marched to the store and spent an absurd $7 to purchase my first pint – determined to eat the entire thing in one serving because I COULD. There were only 150 calories in the whole container after all.

There were a few problems with this plan.

1)      I was a poor graduate student and couldn’t afford to maintain an Arctic Zero dependent diet.

2)      Emotional eating is a poor substitute for dealing with your feelings.

3)      If I really wanted ice cream, I should have gotten some real damn ice cream.

4)      Arctic Zero was actually pretty crappy.

Each time I ate it, I tried to convince myself it was a miracle cure for my sweet tooth but in reality I really didn’t like the taste OR texture of it – and it definitely wasn’t a substitute for real ice cream.

Since then, I’ve accepted that sometimes, when you want ice cream – you should go nuts on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Or show some self-restraint and get a single scoop of fancy ice cream.

But I do still have that hard to satisfy sweet tooth and sometimes it’s nice to have a frozen treat that’s not so loaded with calories.  Here are some alternatives – for the love of God, please stop eating Arctic Zero and Wink!

Best Low Calorie Ice Creams

1.       Halo Top

This is bar far the best ice cream alternative I’ve found. If you give it a few minutes to soften up, it even gets a bit of a creamy consistency. And the flavors are so tasty – zero whey protein taste at all. I’ve tried their strawberry, chocolate and mint chip and loved them all equally.

Calories Per Pint: 240-280
Protein Per Pint: 24 grams
Flavors: 7

2.       Enlightened

This high-protein ice cream company makes pints and bars and both have great flavor and consistency. I’ve tried the mint and sea salt caramel but next time I see their Frozen Hot Chocolate flavor at the store, I’m ready to pounce!

Calories Per Pint: 320-400
Calories Per Bar: 70-110
Protein Per Pint: 28 – 32 grams
Flavors: 7 pint varieties and 9 different bars!

3.       Yasso Bars

I really, really love these frozen Greek yogurt bars. If they are on sale at the store, you better believe I’m scooping up a box. Yes, it’s greek yogurt and not ice cream but it’s incredibly creamy and the flavors don’t taste artificial. They aren’t pumping these with protein powder – and you can tell! They have a huge selection and recently started making the healthy version of a Twix or Snickers frozen ice cream bar (you know what I’m talking about, right?)

Calories Per Bar: 80-150
Flavors: 15!

4.       Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’m fairly certain that many people will chime in that Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients – but when it comes to taste and a real ice cream feel- Skinny Cow Ice Cream sandwiches and other products certainly do the trick while coming in at under 200 calories.

Calories Per Ice Cream Sandwich: 150 Calories
Flavors: Skinny Cow offers 6 kinds of Ice Cream Sandwiches, 4 cones, 5 bars and more!