San Diego With a Side of Doughnuts

My trip to Los Angeles and San Diego obviously included two stops to epic doughnut detours. 

San Diego doughnuts
Sidecar Doughnuts

Legend has it that my friend Rebecca cried when eating a chocolate doughnut from Sidecar Doughnuts. 

Needless to say, I was excited for my trip here in January. 

It was our first stop on our journey from Irvine to San Diego and by the time we arrived there was already a line and the sweet smell of sugar wafting out of the storefront. 

Sidecar was beautiful inside, with a small amount of seating and additional tables and chairs out on the sidewalk. 

I wasn't sure where to start with my order, so I just started pointing when I stepped up to the counter - making my way down the line until I was satisfied with 4 doughnuts and a doughnut hole. 2 Girls, 4.5 Doughnuts - sounds about right. 

Sidecar Doughnuts Review

Butter + Salt 

To be honest, this doughnut was a little too much for me. So, so rich that I could only stomach a bite of it. 

Rosemary and Honey 

This glaze was very good and full of rosemary and honey flavor, but it was atop a yeast doughnut, which is not usually my favorite. 

Chocolate Budino 

This monstrosity was A chocolate doughnut with a chocolate budino filling, whipped creme fraiche, house made caramel, chocolate sable crumbs and jacobsen sea salt. 

We didn't love this - it was a little bland, and again, a little "much." 

Glazed Doughnut Hole 

Very, very good. The outside was crispy and the inside was moist. The best. 

Sidecar Doughnuts Review California


This doughnut single-handedly put Sidecar Donuts back on my good side. And this doughnut landed itself a spot on my top 5 doughnuts EVER (joined by the Tres Leches from Doughnut Plant, London Fog from Glory Hole Doughnuts, Gooey Butter Cake Doughnut from Strange Doughnuts, and the Everything Doughnut from The Doughnut Project).

This was definitely on the FRIED side - which is what gave it it's crispy exterior and deliciously rich, moist-yet-cakey inside. It was like a gloriously warm blueberry muffin encapsulated in sugary muffin-top textured glaze. 

I couldn't stop saying "OMG" as I ate it. 

Sidecar's huckleberries are foraged in Oregon and express shipped to the bakery overnight. I'm not sure if that's what gave this doughnut it's extra special amazingness - but it was absolutely incredible. 

Donut Bar

A place that serves donuts and craft beer? Yeah, I feel you San Diego. 

The doughnuts at this spot are over the top for sure. For one, they're GIANT. Certifiably MASSIVE. Elephantiasis-level doughnuts. and Emily and I chose perhaps the two craziest on the menu. 

Homer's Donut 

San Diego Donut Bar

An XL pink glazed beauty with sprinkles. The most perfectly-picture ready doughnut you'll ever find. A though simple, it was pretty damn tasty! 

Big Poppa-Tart Donut 

Big Poppa Tart Donut

Alright, get ready to judge the HELL out of me - but yes, I did order this donut that is STUFFED with a FULL-SIZED POPTART. A S'more pop-tar to be precise. 

It was worth it for the chance to say I tried it - but honestly, it was underwhelming. The best part of a pop-tart is when the edges are crispy-burnt and the filling is melty and warm. The pop-tart being inside a doughnut meant that it was mostly soggy and sad. 

Blueberry with Myer Lemon 

After our experience with the Huckleberry doughnut at Sidecar, I couldn't pass up a chance to try another berry-based baked good! Plus, this was one of the only cake doughnuts that Donut Bar offered. It was good, but forgettable - nowhere near the doughnut perfection achieved by Sidecar. 



Overall, Donut Bar disappointed. But it had a lot of fun doughnut-decor and was a cool spot to check out!