Marimo Moss Finds A Home

Remember when I started selling Marimo Moss on Peanut Butter Is My Boyfriend Blog? 

Marimo Moss

As a friendly reminder, they're a unique and rare form of algae that grow in cute little balls and roll around the bottoms of lakes. 

Sounds weird, right? 

But when you put them in pretty glass jars and decorate their new home with seashells, seaglass and sand - they're suddenly a perfect, easy to care for reminder of nature and the beach.

These hard-to-mess-up living creatures are a perfect alternative to plants if you're lacking a green thumb or simply can't be bothered by daily watering. They're also an easy to care for "pet" for kids!

Marimo Moss

I just wanted to give a quick update - I'm happy to report that my first marimo was successfully sent to Long Island and is happily living with this little cutie! 

Marimo Moss

If you want to learn more about marimo, you can read my other posts! Or skip the details and just buy one - I promise you'll love it!