Week of Workouts: Swim, Bike, Run Fun

We are a month out from my targeted FIRST TRIATHLON and I’ve been “ramping up my training.” It’s only a sprint distance triathlon – so I don’t have to do anything too crazy, but I will definitely be powering through some tiredness to cross the finish line.

Let’s look at the workouts of the past week, shall we?

Triathlon Training


Circuit Workout

Sunday morning I woke up in Schenectady New York after a day at the Saratoga Race Track and needed to sweat out some beer.

Allison, Emma and I headed to the park and did my perfect no gym, no equipment outdoor workout. I love it – it’s easy to do anywhere, it’s hard, it’s total boy.

Triathlon Training

And then, I busted out TWO PULLUPS on the playground which made me so excited. Being able to do a pull-up was one of my New Year’s Resolutions and even though I haven’t been focusing on it, I guess my strength training has been paying off. Such a nice surprise.


Bike Ride

I was up bright and early to start the week with a 35 mile bike ride. I felt strong – though I have yet to replicate the 18.7 mph pace that I somehow managed on my first 30-miler. My pace was 16.5 mph – but my elevation gain was only 676 feet. I’ve been a bit of a wimp and know I need to challenge myself with more hills on my rides. This week away in the Adirondacks should be quite the wake-up call!

Triathlon Training

My nutritionist, Julie from The Athlete’s Palate, has stressed that I really need to start fueling before and during my longer workouts. I’ve started taking shot blocks during my weekly long rides and so far they’ve been fine on my stomach. That being said, it’s only been one, and a serving size is 3. We’ll get there eventually…

NYC Bike Route

PT Exercises

I’m trying hard to stay on top of my physical therapy exercises since my hip is still an issue (and because doing strength exercises is just smart in general) – but it’s hard to fit swimming, biking, running AND strength in during the week.

On Monday I took my lunch break to do 25 minutes of strength exercises (one legged deadlifts, glute bridges, lunges – all that fun stuff) and “7 Minute Abs,” a new favorite.

-1 Minute Plank
-1 Minute Left Side-Plank
-1 Minute Right Side-Plank
-:45 Plank
-:45 Left Side-Plank
-:45 Right Side-Plank
-:30 Plank
-:30 Left Side-Plank
-:30 Right Side-Plank
-:15 Plank



Tuesday morning my roommate and I were supposed to do a BRICK workout to practice the bike to run transition. It’s what I’m most nervous about other than the swim, yet I haven’t managed to try it even ONCE yet. Eek.

During Monday’s bike, something in my glute felt seriously not great – there was a weird clicking happening and I didn’t want to get back on the bike Tuesday morning.

Instead, I ran a mile to the pool, swam 1,400 yards, and ran the mile home.

Everyone keeps telling me that swimming will get easier but – we are not there yet.

Lasker Pool NYC


On Tuesday’s lunch break I did 30 minutes of arms at the gym. My triceps were wrecked the next day – success!


Run - November Project Bridge Day 

This was the second week in a row that I went to November Project! It’s been great to be back – I’ve limited myself to one or two runs per week and the goal is to keep my running days on Wednesday so I can keep getting to NP.

November Project New York City

This week was bridge day – I don’t remember the last time I ran hills so it was a HARD workout, but those are the workouts that make you feel the best when they’re finished.

November Project NYC



Even though swimming hasn’t gotten any easier or more enjoyable, I was proud of myself for sticking to my twice-a-week resolution and going by myself on Thursday morning. I ran there and back again and did another 1,400 yards.

My new pair of goggles made this swim slightly less unpleasant.


During lunch on Thursday I headed to New York Sports Club for an ab deck. My physical therapist told me she doesn’t want me doing a ton of crunches – she wants me focusing on ab exercises like jackknifes and planks that force you to make a different movement with your abs than crunches (which work outwards – or, something…)

I create a Deck of Cards Workout with some ab exercises I thought my PT would approve of –

Plank Saws
TRX Jackknifes
Sit Ups
Plank Hip Twists

I’m not usually very sore after ab work but I woke up Friday morning and could DEFINITELY feel this deck.





I woke up on Saturday morning and headed out for my first speed work in well over 2 months. I’ve lost a lot of speed and endurance so this was ROUGH both mentally and physically, but when I was done I felt on top of the world. That runner’s high man, it’s no joke!

1 Mile Warm-Up
8x200 (200 Fast, 200 Jog, 200 Fast, etc. for 4 miles)
1 Mile Cool-Down

I’ll be spending a week with family at a Lakehouse – so we’ll see how much exercise happens. But there’s a lake to swim in, my bike came along for the trip, and a set of 10 pound dumbbells snuck their way into the car as well.. 

NYC Biking Little Red Lighthouse