Let's Catch Up! 10 Things I'm Loving

Once upon a time I wrote mainly about running and workout classes and restaurant reviews. Lately, all I've done is write about my travels - running isn't a thing I've done much for the past year+  

It's a touchy subject. 

But how about something new? How about a "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things" post? Also known as "Loving Lately," or "Fave Finds." Call it what you will - I'm just going to ramble about a bunch of things I've been feelin' these days and catching you back up with my real-life here in NYC (as opposed to work-life and travel-life!) 

Bloggers Favorite Things

1. Books

I've read some DAMN GOOD books lately.

The Fiddler In The Subway by Gene Weingarten

One of my neighbors put a bunch of old books they were getting rid of in our lobby and I randomly scooped this one up. It was one of the best things I've ever read.

The book is a collection of feature stories written by Washington Post journalist Gene Weingarten. The subjects are all over the map - but each story is brilliantly written, insightful, creative, clever, moving. I cannot explain how incredible Gene Weingarten's writing is. 

As a journalism undergrad, I'm disappointed I was never made to read this book because I honestly think that it would be convinced me to continue down the path towards becoming a writer. 

Please pick up this book! It's great because you can just read one story at a time - not too much comittment! 

There’s one last truth that I don’t tell them, because it’s needlessly disturbing and would serve no pragmatic purpose. I’ll say it now, just once, and be done with it. A real writer is someone for whom writing is a terrible ordeal.  That is because he knows, deep down, with an awful clarity, that there are limitless ways to fill a page with words, and that he will never, ever, do it perfectly. On some level, that knowledge haunts him all the time. He will always be juggling words in his head, trying to get them closer to a tantalizing, unreachable ideal. 

It’s a torment you can’t escape. It will reach even into the comfort of a drunken sleep, and it will shake you awake, and send you, heart pumping, to an an empty piece of paper. 

If you have that, you can be a good writing. Congratulations, I guess. 
— The Fiddler In The Subway, Gene Weingarten


Beartown: A Novel
By Fredrik Backman

When I was younger, you couldn't find me without a book. I brought books out to family dinners - sat in a booth at a noisy restaurant and just kept on reading. 

Nowadays, there's not as much time for uninterrupted, full-on face-in-a-book reading. But with Beartown - I found that 12 year old ability of mine to shut out the world and travel into the story. 

I read for an entire flight and an entire Sunday afternoon because I just couldn't put the book down. 

From the author of A Man Named Ove - Beartown is incredibly timely and is also about hockey and Sweden - two things that you could say are somewhat pertinent to my life. Backman's ability to describe human nature and to create characters that really come to life are what made this book so compelling. 

If you've read it - comment who your favorite character was! I want to discuss! 

One of the plainest truths about both towns and individuals is that they usually don’t turn into what we tell them to be, but what they are told they are.
— Fredrik Backman, Beartown

The Sound of Gravel: A Memoir 

If you don't utilize your public library's ability to lend eBooks - what are you doing?! So easy and also, free! That's how I came to find The Sound of Gravel. 

This is the story of Ruth Wariner as told by herself - about growing up poor in a polygamist family. It's a fascinating look into a culture that I knew very little about before reading the book. 

Mom couldn’t teach me that because she didn’t know herself. She couldn’t show me how to be happy, only how to barely survive.
— Ruth Wariner, The Sound of Gravel

2. Romantic Comedies

I don't watch movies, as a general rule of thumb - unless I'm on a long flight. 

But for some reason a few weeks ago, I found myself watching a different romantic comedy on Netflix every night of the week. Huh? You're all going to laugh - because I'm only about 15 years late to the party on one of them and the other two are garbage. 

Bridget Jones' Diary 

Sleeping With Other People 

Drinking Buddies 

So tell me, what's your favorite romantic comedy? 

3. Yoga 

That's right - it's happened everyone. I can officially say the words, "I like yoga!" 

WOW. It took me years and years but I've finally learned to appreciate a good, sweaty, yoga class. I've even learned how to view it as a damn good workout, not just a stretch. (Read this post from April of last year where I wondered if I was starting to like yoga!)

It's mid-March and I've been to 16+ yoga classes already this year, which is probably more than the combined number of classes I had taken in my life prior to January 1, 2018. 

CorePower Yoga

Like so many runners out there - CorePower was my gateway drug. I had taken Core Power classes in Denver and Raleigh - but it was my class in Boston with Kayla that was a game changer. The instructor was phenomenal and I took my Free Week back with me to NYC and went NUTS. I took 5 classes in 7 days!

I also tried the Yoga Sculpt class without realizing it's basically heated barre - and I liked that too! 

Y7 Studio

Y7 has an intro package that gets you 3 classes for $45 which I did when my CorePower free week was up. 

I wasn't expecting to like Y7 as much as I did - hip hop isn't exactly "me" but I loved the classes that I took. My favorite part is how the class is set up - you know what to expect and there's no opportunity for laying on the mat wondering, "are there 10 minutes left or 50? How much more do we have?" (Because let's face it, I still have that moment about halfway through each yoga class). 

At Y7, you go through 3 separate flows. For each, you go through once slow, once "one breath, one movement" and then the third time the turn the music up and let you go on your own. I loved this because it kept me super focused the entire time so that I could remember the flow - keeping myself mentally focused on yoga is a challenge and I found that this really helped me. 

Yoga Vida

Yoga Vida NYC

There are multiple Yoga Vida locations, but I took all of my free week classes at the NoHo location (no showers, which is a bummer considering this is the studio that offers heated flow!) 

All the instructors here were amazing, the space is HUGE and you can't beat a free week! Plus, they have a bunch of community classes each week that are donation based. Holla! 

Om Factory

Favorite class? The one taught by my friend Bertha! Getting to see her do her thing was so cool! But even better was the fact that she is an AWESOME instructor. 

When Abby and I requested a class with lots of hamstring stretching and an arm balance - Bertha delivered exactly that. The whole class I didn't even realize we were working towards side crow and then WA-BAM all of a sudden it all made sense. 

I'm not sure what the shift was, but I'm very glad that I've come to value more low-impact exercises like yoga and barre (and I'm trying out a Pilates class this weekend!) I've been very unkind to my body in terms of how I've exercised for the past 4 years, and I'm really digging some days without burpees and jump squats and wall balls. 

4. Live Music 

Hearing someone with an incredible voice belt out a good song is probably one of my all time favorite things. I get chills. Every time. And wish that I had been blessed with some vocal chords that can SANG. Alas, I cannot. But I have been doing lots of listening. 

Piano Bars 

My family and I recently went to Don't Tell Mama in Hell's Kitchen and though we waited over an hour to be seated, and they tried skipping over our name on the list - it ended up being such a fun night. Singing along is highly encouraged. They sing a great mix of classic, show tunes, popular songs, oldies - and the singing bar and wait staff are out of this world good - they're all definitely Broadway actors and actresses. 

My other favorite piano bar in NYC is Brandy's on the Upper East Side - both of these are really small venues with two drink minimums but every time I've gone it's been more than worth the pricey drinks. These aren't your average piano bar wannabes - they're extremely talented performers. 

If you go to Brandy's - order a Tequila Cosmo!

Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 3

I had been to Rockwood Music Hall a number of times for various concerts but none of them at Stage 3 (around the corner on Orchard Street). It was such an intimate venue - everyone gets a seat which I hadn't been expecting.

We were there to see Wakey!Wakey! aka Michael Grubbs of One Tree Hill fame. He performed an hour-long show with his piano and damn is his voice powerful. 

For a $15 ticket and a $10 glass of wine (everyone has to buy a drink - but you can get a soda or coffee) it was the perfect Friday night and I was still in bed by 10:30! 

Broadway Musicals

Always my favorite form of live music - I am of the belief that there is nothing like a Broadway musical. We recently went as a family to see the new Jimmy Buffet jukebox musical "Escape to Margaritaville."

While the production was far from artistically groundbreaking, damn was it FUN. Maybe we had a little too much fun. It seems that my "FINS TO THE LEFT, FINS TO THE RIGHT" dance moves may have interfered with some lighting. And apparently the somewhat stuffy audience wasn't on board with yelling "Salt! Salt! Salt!" during the title song. But c'est la vie - not everyone can be a Parrothead. 

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the show - despite the incredibly forced references to song lyrics and predictable plot line. It certainly helped that our margarita cups were always filled (thanks, Dad!)

The best part was my dad finally realizing just how much he must have listened to Jimmy Buffet when we were kids - my sister and I seemed to know more words than anyone else! 

City Winery

Next up for live music is a concert this week at City Winery! We'll be seeing Joshua Radin and while I haven't been to a show at this venue yet, I have a feeling I'm going to like it. Bar stool + acoustic music + wine seems like the recipe for a wonderful Thursday night. 

5. Rock Climbing

I've loved rock climbing for as long as I can remember - I was a total monkey as a kid. Climbing trees, climbing the rope faster than anyone else in gym class. 

I finally got myself belay certified and asked for a 10-climb pass for Christmas - so if anyone wants to go rock climbing at The Cliffs in LIC let me know!! 

The Cliffs LIC

It's such an adrenaline rush and I love the fact that by the end of a day at the climbing gym - my arms are actually shaking they're so exhausted. I still get a little nervous while belaying - the fact that I'm actually in control of someone's life is slightly terrifying - but practice makes perfect? 

6. Argan Oil & Chakra  Oil 

My moisturizing game has never been stronger thanks to these two products. 

Rituals Shanti Chakra Body Oil

My coworker bought us each a bottle of this in the Copenhagen airport after we used the tester and fell in love. 

The smell is dreamy, and putting this on after the shower makes me feel like I'm treating myself to a spa day. I'm almost out, and I can't find it online, and I'm having a slight meltdown. 

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil

Want your hair to feel super hydrated and luscious? Use this stuff. 

I take terrible care of my hair. I get it cut about once a year. I straighten it, blow dry it, curl it - and half the time I'm showering at New York Sports Club whose shampoo I swear doesn't actually do anything.  

But ever since my mom got me a little tube of hair oil in my stocking stuffer - I've been using it non stop and I can see a huge difference in the look and feel of my hair. 

7. Doughnuts 

There was awhile there where I seemed to be on a doughnut hiatus. Thank God that ended. 

East Main & Main - Port Jefferson, New York

East Main & Main Donuts

Long Island is finally get involved in the doughnut game!

Dilla's Delights - Detroit, Michigan 

Dilla's Delights Detroit

Banana pudding cake donut, HOLLER! 

(*Adorable donut earrings from my coworker!)

Blackbird Doughnuts - Boston, Massachusetts 


Citrus old fashioned! GET IT!!!

Kane's Donuts - Boston, Massachusetts

Kane's Donuts

This was Kayla's introduction to doughnut tasting and I was so happy that she got totally into it with me. We started with one - but that was just a lie we were telling ourselves. 

Dough - Tampa, Florida

Dough Doughnuts Tampa Bay Florida

More than anything, what I appreciated about Dough was that they gave me the opportunity to have a ridiculous doughnut photo shoot with my friends portrait mode. And the fact that their creme brulee dooughnut was ridic. 

Stuffed - New York, New York 

Stuffed Doughnut Ice Cream NYC

Ice cream + doughnut ice cream sandwiches. Yeah, I went there.

(And in the same day, after brunch, we ate a Dun-Well doughnut AND two scoops at Davey's Ice Cream. Still unsure how I have avoided diabetes thus far). 

Carlson's Donuts & Thai Kitchen

Annapolis, Maryland 

Carlson's Donuts & Thai Kitchen

Talk about strange combos - Carlson's was a MUST VISIT while I was in Annapolis. I mean, when I hear that there is a run down shop that serves doughnuts from 5 AM - 11 AM and then becomes a Thai restaurant for dinner - you couldn't keep me away. 

The best part? These doughnuts were ridiculously good. 

8. Podcasts

I didn't really expect to like podcasts, but now I listen to them almost daily during my commute. They're great on the stationary bike. And sometimes I even just lay in bed and listen to one! I sound like I'm a podcast junkie but in reality, there are really only two that I listen to at the moment, so please send your recommendations my way!

*Also very interested in any podcast that has had JK Rowling as a guest. 

Ali on the Run Show

I think Ali was made to have a podcast. She's a phenomenal host who is clearly passionate about her guests, the subjects and the project in general. 

What I love about the Ali on the Run Show is that there's a structure to it, but depending on the guest each show is obviously very unique! I absolutely love the "Sprint to the Finish" portion of the show when Ali asks each guests fun questions like "Where was your first kiss?" and "What would your last meal on earth be?" These questions really help humanize the incredible (running-related) guests that she has on the show. 

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Unlike the Ali on the Run Show - Dax Shepard's new podcast has almost no structure whatsoever yet somehow I keep finding myself listening to to 2+ hour episodes where he interviews fellow celebrities and digs into some serious topics like anxiety, depression, addiction and has really candid talks about being a celebrity and what that's like for your psyche. 

By far my favorite episode was the first one when Dax had his wife, the wonderful Kristin Bell, on as a guest. I immediately started stalking them on Instagram and it's safe to say that I would like them to adopt me into their family. 

I also love the end of each episode when their family friend/podcast fact-checker Monica Padman comes on to call-out all of Dax's erroneous statements from the show. 

9. New Workouts 

Like I said - running is still a thing that my body doesn't seem to be interested in. Actually, it seems very disinterested in it. And finally, I'm listening and I'm saying "That's cool - let's do some other stuff!" 

Normally I would write a full review for each of these classes but in an effort to make up for the past, oh, I don't know, year that I neglected to do class reviews, I'm going to keep it brief. 

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness Review

I checked out two OTF classes while I was in Tampa Bay and I gotta say - I didn't like them as much as I was expecting to. 

The first time, we didn't even get heart rate monitors, which was a complete bummer (I'm a numbers girl when it comes to a workout!) and the second time, I was just very frustrated at how hard it was to get my heart rate into the "Red Zone." 

I like the concept - and I like switching stations to do both cardio and strength - but it just wasn't the "OH MY GOD AMAZING" workout that I was hoping for. 

To be fair, I may actually have been asleep for the second class as evidenced by this photo. 

Everybody Fights

Everybody Fights Boxing Review

This boxing studio, owned by George Foreman's son, started in Boston and recently opened up in NYC. 

Whenever I take a boxing class, I leave feeling like I got my ass kicked and Everybody Fights was no exception! It's a really big space that offers a bunch of different kinds of classes and I definitely wouldn't be opposed to returning! 

Curious about boxing? You can check out my reviews of some other NYC boxing studios using the links below!



Work Train Fight


Kings Thai Boxing

Kings Thai Boxing Review NYC

My friend Bertha is a badass babe who regularly goes to Kings Thai Boxing. 

I said I would go as long as she was there to help me - and I'm so glad I did! It was definitely out of my comfort zone - I felt pretty lost most of the time - but the instructor was SO helpful and friendly and by the end of class I was a) drenched in sweat b) sore as hell and c) feeling like a total badass. 

Abby came to class too - so we got to work as partners which helped a TON. I felt less guilty every time I made a mistake holding the pads (which was very very frequently - sorry, Ab!) To be honest, remembering the sequences was harder as the person holding the pads than as the one doing the punching and kicking (at least for me). 

Can we just talk about the ~casual~ way this class ended? A ladder of DEATH, that's how. 

1 Left Kick
1 Right Kick
1 Pushups
2 Left Kicks
2 Right Kicks
2 Pushups 

Up to 10. Back down to 5. 

I have never come closer to throwing up (or collapsing during a push-up). 

Saturday's at noon Kings Thais has a Beginners Class if you feel like feelin' fierce! 


Spiderbands Class Review

When I started getting targeted ads for this new fitness studio on my Instagram feed I was instantly intrigued. 

It looked so unique and mainly it just looked plain fun! Also, it seemed to be somewhat low-impact which I could use some more of! So I signed up for their intro deal (2 classes for $20!

When Bertha, Abby and I went to this class - there was only one other person there. Normally, I would think, "GREAT it's like a private class!" But instead, our instructor was super robotic and unenthusiastic the entire time. Even though we were clearly new students, and clearly the studio isn't batting people away. 

Despite that - I really did like Spiderbands just because it was so different than any other class. There's a TON you can do with these giant resistance bands which is evident when you realize they offer 6 different classes ranging from bosu ball to kickboxing to HIIT. 

We took the "Signature Spiderbands" class but I will definitely be using my second class to try something new!

Come prepared to take an epic Boomerang after class, and plan on staying a bit after to enjoy their BEAUTIFUL showers/locker rooms. 


I have a feeling Fit House is about to be all the rage in the NYC fitness world - especially now that ClassPass has become too expensive for a lot of people. 

The concept is pretty simple - a $99/month membership to attend classes at Fithouse studios across the city (right now, there is only one, but they plan to expand quickly to at least 3 more neighborhoods). 

While the membership doesn't gain you access to a typical gym space, it does grant you access to a bunch of different types of classes. This includes HIIT, Yoga, Strength and Barre. 

I found a discount code for a FREE two week trial when they first opened, but unfortunately, the Bowery location was pretty inconvenient for me and I only got to attend two classes. 

+Big studio with lots of equipment for different types of exercises
+Automatic lockers (no need to bring your own lock) 
+Close to subway station 

-No showers at the Bowery location (they are hoping that some of the other studios will have showers, but TBD) 
-No spin or boxing classes (personally, two of my favorite kinds of classes!) 
-The one bathroom stall is INSIDE the studio - so if you arrive before class and need to use the restroom but there's a class going on inside the studio - you can't. It's a weird set up. 

I took two of the higher intensity classes - Strength Station and Slam.  Bother were 45 minutes long. They were good - but not great. Hard, but not killer.  

The best part of Fit House was the instructor Mark - he was great!

I think as more studios open, as they hire more staff, as they add more classes, Fithouse definitely has the potential to be an affordable option for people who like to take a lot of classes as opposed to belonging to a gym. 

They're currently running a $19 deal for a 2 week trial! (Just be sure you cancel if you don't want to sign up or they'll automatically start charging you at the end of the two weeks!)

Sweat Yoga

It was sweaty, it was yoga. It was a yoga class I took before I liked yoga - so not much to say about it! 

Barry's Bootcamp

Who woulda thunk that my first Barry's Bootcamp class would actually be in SWEDEN? 

That's right. While I was in Stockholm for work, I went to a Barry's class! I ended up finding a class on the schedule that was taught in English and thank God for that. I don't know why I had been thinking it would be no problem taking the class in Swedish - I definitely would have regretted it as we did some pretty complicated moves with the stepper and resistance bands for the strength portion of the class!

Chris Mosiers' Deck A Day Challenge

This isn't new - but it's a workout that I have been LOVING and doing very frequently. Each year, Chris runs a Facebook group that challenges you to do a deck of cards workout every day from Thanksgiving to New Years' Eve. I've done it the past 3 years and at the end of it, I'm always in SUCH GOOD SHAPE. 

It's a strength workout, a cardio workout, an ab workout, and uses a lot of the exercises that I normally let fall to the wayside that are actually super important (glute bridges, donkey kicks, etc.)  

Deck A Day Workout

He keeps the group running throughout the year - so if I'm ever feeling uninspired at the gym I'll check the page! We were lucky enough to have Chris in NYC a few weeks ago and got to do the deck of the day live and in person in Central Park which was awesome :)

You can also follow along on his Instagram account.


10. Billie

Instagram sponsored ads are my best friend and my worst enemy. They can show me an ad enough times and I'll 100% start to think that I need it. Like that damn Quip toothbrush they keep pushing on me. 

But Billie is one that I barely even hesitated before purchasing. Essentially, it's a month subscription for new razor blades. The concept behind it is basically my internal monologue of: 




I thought that maybe my whole life I was missing something - but nope, apparently the founders of Billie were on the same page. 

Razor blade prices + laziness + my travel schedule ensure that I am almost always using razor blades that are far too old and dull to effectively shave my legs. In fact, they're probably downright dangerous. 

The ratio of the amount of time I spend at a gym in shorts and how often my legs are well-shaven is not socially acceptable.

So I ordered a Billie razor in a cute coral color. It came in the mail with a super ~minimalist~ magnetic holder that takes up zero space in the shower. It came with two razor blades that are smooth and wonderful. Every 3 months I'll get 4 NEW BLADES FOR $9.80. In the mail. 

I don't know why this is so exciting to me but it is. I wrote an email to all my female coworkers the day I found out about it and group texted like 20 girlfriends. 


They also have a super cool message about the "Pink Tax" which they define as - 

PINK TAX: the extra amount women are charged for certain products (*ahem* razors) or services. For no reason. Unless being female is a reason.


So, help a sista out - if you use the link below to order your Billie razor I'll get some coupons or somethin' 

11. Gap

Bonus #11!

Not much to say on this except I have been LOVING everything from the Gap and it's getting to be a problem. 

I online shop with my Gap Cash because, "It would be a waste not to use it," and then I tell myself, "There's a Gap right near the office, just order it and it if it doesn't fit you can return it." Except can you guess how much I have ordered and decided to return? That's right, none of it. 

Gap Model

On any given day, you can find me wearing multiple items from the Gap. Most recently, I have purchased not only clothing from them but undergarments and workout clothes as well - so that my entire wardrobe is beginning to resemble the store. 



I feel like we're all caught up, and now I can start pushing out some new, relevant, timely posts! Thanks for stickin' around. 


San Diego With a Side of Doughnuts

My trip to Los Angeles and San Diego obviously included two stops to epic doughnut detours. 

San Diego doughnuts
Sidecar Doughnuts

Legend has it that my friend Rebecca cried when eating a chocolate doughnut from Sidecar Doughnuts. 

Needless to say, I was excited for my trip here in January. 

It was our first stop on our journey from Irvine to San Diego and by the time we arrived there was already a line and the sweet smell of sugar wafting out of the storefront. 

Sidecar was beautiful inside, with a small amount of seating and additional tables and chairs out on the sidewalk. 

I wasn't sure where to start with my order, so I just started pointing when I stepped up to the counter - making my way down the line until I was satisfied with 4 doughnuts and a doughnut hole. 2 Girls, 4.5 Doughnuts - sounds about right. 

Sidecar Doughnuts Review

Butter + Salt 

To be honest, this doughnut was a little too much for me. So, so rich that I could only stomach a bite of it. 

Rosemary and Honey 

This glaze was very good and full of rosemary and honey flavor, but it was atop a yeast doughnut, which is not usually my favorite. 

Chocolate Budino 

This monstrosity was A chocolate doughnut with a chocolate budino filling, whipped creme fraiche, house made caramel, chocolate sable crumbs and jacobsen sea salt. 

We didn't love this - it was a little bland, and again, a little "much." 

Glazed Doughnut Hole 

Very, very good. The outside was crispy and the inside was moist. The best. 

Sidecar Doughnuts Review California


This doughnut single-handedly put Sidecar Donuts back on my good side. And this doughnut landed itself a spot on my top 5 doughnuts EVER (joined by the Tres Leches from Doughnut Plant, London Fog from Glory Hole Doughnuts, Gooey Butter Cake Doughnut from Strange Doughnuts, and the Everything Doughnut from The Doughnut Project).

This was definitely on the FRIED side - which is what gave it it's crispy exterior and deliciously rich, moist-yet-cakey inside. It was like a gloriously warm blueberry muffin encapsulated in sugary muffin-top textured glaze. 

I couldn't stop saying "OMG" as I ate it. 

Sidecar's huckleberries are foraged in Oregon and express shipped to the bakery overnight. I'm not sure if that's what gave this doughnut it's extra special amazingness - but it was absolutely incredible. 

Donut Bar

A place that serves donuts and craft beer? Yeah, I feel you San Diego. 

The doughnuts at this spot are over the top for sure. For one, they're GIANT. Certifiably MASSIVE. Elephantiasis-level doughnuts. and Emily and I chose perhaps the two craziest on the menu. 

Homer's Donut 

San Diego Donut Bar

An XL pink glazed beauty with sprinkles. The most perfectly-picture ready doughnut you'll ever find. A though simple, it was pretty damn tasty! 

Big Poppa-Tart Donut 

Big Poppa Tart Donut

Alright, get ready to judge the HELL out of me - but yes, I did order this donut that is STUFFED with a FULL-SIZED POPTART. A S'more pop-tar to be precise. 

It was worth it for the chance to say I tried it - but honestly, it was underwhelming. The best part of a pop-tart is when the edges are crispy-burnt and the filling is melty and warm. The pop-tart being inside a doughnut meant that it was mostly soggy and sad. 

Blueberry with Myer Lemon 

After our experience with the Huckleberry doughnut at Sidecar, I couldn't pass up a chance to try another berry-based baked good! Plus, this was one of the only cake doughnuts that Donut Bar offered. It was good, but forgettable - nowhere near the doughnut perfection achieved by Sidecar. 



Overall, Donut Bar disappointed. But it had a lot of fun doughnut-decor and was a cool spot to check out! 






Three Years of Doughnuts: Donut Stop Me Now

Just getting this doughnut list up to date! 

Posted January 6, 2017

I thought it was time for an update on the doughnut chronicles! In the past year, I've experienced some INSANELY delicious doughnuts - from the London Fog filled doughnut at Glory Hole in Toronto to the Gooey Butter Cake Donut from Strange Donuts in St. Louis - doughnuts continue to be my mission in every city!

Posted June 3, 2016

What came first, the doughnut or the doughnut hole? 

You would probably be inclined to answer doughnut, but in fact, the term "doughnut" was first used to refer to what we now know as doughnut holes. Doughnuts entered the American lexicon in 1809 in Washington Irving's History of New York: 

An enormous dish of balls of sweetened dough, fried in hog's fat, and called doughnuts, or olykoeks.

If you're anything like me, you've struggled to decide whether or not you should type doughnut or donut. You've probably wondered why the heck there are even two different spellings to begin with. Same. 

I did some research and the spelling "donut" first appeared in the late 1800s as a contraction of the original "doughnut." It wasn't until Dunkin Donuts was founded in 1950 that the alternate "donut" spelling became more popular. 

Still, "doughnut" is the preferred spelling so I suppose I should stop being lazy and opt for all 8 letters when I'm writing about these delicious desserts. 

Why the weird discussion? Because today is NATIONAL DOUGHNUT/DONUT DAY in the US and unlike many of our random food holidays, it turns out that this one has some historic importance. Actually, 75+ years of history! 

National Doughnut Day began in 1938 as a campaign by the Salvation Army to remember those in their ranks who served doughnuts to American soldiers stationed in France during World War 1. Around 250 volunteers traveled to France to provide baked goods to Allied troops - doughnuts were an instant favorite (those Allied soldiers had good taste). These women who volunteered eventually became known as the "Doughnut Dollies."

In honor of this special holiday, go to one of the many chains participating with free donuts and other perks. And read on for a round up of the many doughnut shops I've reviewed. What are you waiting for? Start that doughnut bucket list today! 

Top Doughnuts in the USA

Psycho Donuts

San Jose, California 

Psycho Donuts

Doughnut Plant 

New York, New York 

Oh, 2014 pictures...

Oh, 2014 pictures...

Dough Loco 

New York, New York - CLOSED 

Dough Loco


New York, New York 

Flex Donuts NYC


New York, New York 

Dough Doughnuts NYC

Glam Doll Donuts

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Glam Doll Donuts

Stan's Donuts

Chicago, Illinois 


Glazed & Infused 

Chicago, Illinois 

Glazed & Infused Donuts

Union Square Donuts

Boston, Massachusetts 

Union Square Donuts Boston

Voodoo Doughnut

Austin, Texas 

Voodoo Doughnuts

Gourdough's Donuts

Austin, Texas  

Gourdough's Donuts

Habit Doughnut Dispensary 

Denver, Colorado 

Habit Doughnut Dispensary

The Doughnut Project 

New York, New York 

Doughnut Project NYC

Official review to come, but I. LOVE. THEM. because they are so unique and not overly sweet!

Underwest Donuts

New York, New York 

No official review- but I was a big fan of these guys! They operate out of a CAR WASH but there donuts are cakey and delicious with a good glaze to dough ratio!


Lynbrook, New York 


No official review but I love that these are cute and little so you can try lots and lots! And they're customizable too!

The Cinnamon Snail

New York, New York

The Cinnamon Snail Doughnuts

Paula's Donuts

Buffalo, New York 

Paula's Donuts Buffalo

Nibble Inc. 

Troy, New York 

Nibble Inc. Donuts

The Donut Shop

Old Forge, NY 

The Donut Shop has been around for 50 years! They make old fashioned donuts - offering just plain and cinnamon sugar. Not my favorite, and not exciting, but still addictive-ly sweet and satisfying after a 3 mile run!

Huron Mountain Bakery

Marquette, MI 

Huron Mountain Bakery Donuts

I wasn't a huge fan of these donuts - I didn't enjoy the taste of the dough or the fillings and frostings. 

Pharaoh's Donuts 

St. Louis, Missouri 

Pharaoh's Donuts St. Louis

These weren't anything to write home about by any means. 

Dunwell Doughnuts

New York, NY 

Dunwell Vegan Donuts

Gotta admit - these vegan donuts are my least favorite of the heavy-hitters in NYC. I'm just not a fan of the dough's flavor! It could be because they're vegan and not what I'm used to. But for people unable to eat a traditional doughnut - these come pretty damn close! 

Strange Donuts

St. Louis, Missouri 

strange donuts st. louis

WOW. I was absolutely blown away by how much I loved these donuts and they are hands down some of my favorites EVER. 

After 23 days in St. Louis, I finally had a half dozen Strange Donuts delivered to me (and only me) at the stadium. While I don't know exactly what each of them was, I can give you a pretty good idea of what I sampled. 

I loved Strange Donuts so much because they were cake donuts, incredibly most, with super sweet glazes. The flavors were simple but the dough was incredible! 

Gooey Butter Cake Doughnut  

This was unreal. Tied with the Tres Leches doughnut from Doughnut Plant for all time favorite cake doughnut ever. The powdered sugar on top was the finishing touch on doughy perfection - sweet, but not sickeningly, with a slight citrus hint! 

Glazed, Glazed with Sprinkles 

The vanilla cake paired with the melt in your mouth glaze made me a fan of what I would normally consider "lame" doughnuts. 

Chocolate Glazed 

I think I preferred the vanilla cake, but the chocolate cake had the same moist consistency with good cocoa flavor! 


If you're a chocolate fan, this should be your order. Chocolate cake, chocolate glaze, sprinkled with Butterfinger crumbs and injected with some extra frosting in the middle for good measure! 

Strange Donuts

The Holy Donut

Portland, Maine 

Holy Donut Sweet Potato

These donuts are made with POTATOES in the dough! I really enjoyed these, and there were TONS of flavor options. I wanted to love them MORE, because there's a SWEET POTATO doughnut, but they didn't break the top 3 for me. 

They are definitely worth a visit if you're in Maine though, and I highly recommend the ginger glazed sweet potato donut!

Sidecar Doughnuts

Costa Mesa, California 

Sidecar Doughnuts Review

Donut Bar

San Diego, California 

Donut Bar San Diego

Peace, Love & Little Donuts

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Peace, Love and Donuts

Rise Biscuits Donuts

Raleigh, North Carolina 

Rise Biscuits

East Main & Main - Port Jefferson, New York


Long Island is finally get involved in the doughnut game!

Dilla's Delights - Detroit, Michigan 

Dilla's Donuts Detroit

Banana pudding cake donut, HOLLER! 

(*Adorable donut earrings from my coworker!)

Blackbird Doughnuts - Boston, Massachusetts 

Blackbird Doughnuts

Citrus old fashioned! GET IT!!!

Kane's Donuts - Boston, Massachusetts


This was Kayla's introduction to doughnut tasting and I was so happy that she got totally into it with me. We started with one - but that was just a lie we were telling ourselves. 

Dough - Tampa, Florida

Dough Tampa Bay Florida

More than anything, what I appreciated about Dough was that they gave me the opportunity to have a ridiculous doughnut photo shoot with my friends portrait mode. And the fact that their creme brulee dooughnut was ridic. 

La Donuteria

Barcelona, Spain 

La Donuteria Barcelona

Taking this show internationally!! 

Carlson's Donuts & Thai Kitchen

Annapolis, Maryland 

Carlson's Donuts & Thai Kitchen

Crunch Donut Factory 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Crunch Factory Doughnuts

Doughnut Vault

Chicago, Illinois 

Doughnut Vault Chicago

Glory Hole Donuts

Toronto, Ontario 

Glory Hole Doughnuts  Toronto

The Earl Grey. Incredible.

#BLESSED - and always taking new reccomendations! 



Doughnut Diaries: The Doughnut Project

It was ages ago that I visited The Doughnut Project in the West Village to try their Insta-famous “Everything Doughnut” but I never wrote about it!

A)     I think they deserve an official post on Peanut Butter Is My Boyfriend because The Doughnut Project remains one of my favorites and

B)      I took some pictures of their doughnuts on my real camera that I wanted to post.

The Doughnut Project Review

The Doughnut Project is another small-batch doughnut shop meaning that when their doughnuts are sold out for the day – that’s it. They only make a limited quantity per day.  Their doughnuts are yeast-based, not cake based and they have both filled and non-filled doughnuts.

The Doughnut Project NYC

The “it” thing about The Doughnut Project is how many unique and savory doughnuts flavors they have come up with.

The world of artisanal doughnuts is shockingly jam-packed lately – so new shops need to be creative. The Doughnut Project burst onto the scene with their “Everything Doughnut” – flavored like an Everything Bagel!

The Doughnut Project NYC

At first, I was slightly repulsed at the idea of savory seasonings on top of my sweet, sweet doughnuts. But like food trends – I was willing to give it a try.

I stopped by the West Village shop on my lunch break and was told that they had just gotten a new mural painted by a local artist. It was perfect for Instagram pictures, which we naturally had to take advantage of!

The Doughnut Project NYC

Here’s what we ate:

1.)    Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Obviously, not something I could pass up. It wasn’t a unique or savory flavor – but there’s not much I like more than the combination of peanut butter and jelly. What was interesting was that this wasn’t a filled doughnut stuffed with peanut butter and it wasn’t overly sweet with a fruity glaze. It was like a grown up, refined PB&J doughnut.

2.)    The “Wayney Wonder”

This doughnut is named after one of The Doughnut Project’s (TDP) favorite customers and is also known as the “Constanza.” Salted Chocolate Glaze with buttered pretzel, Ritz & potato chip crumble.

I can’t believe there was a time in my life when I didn’t realize how wonderfully salt pairs with chocolate. I guess the whole “sweet & salty” thing has been around forever, but it’s only very recently that I’m head over heels for the sea salt chocolate combo. This chocolate glazed doughnut paired with the salty Ritz, pretzels and potato chips is TDP’s most classic “dessert” doughnut flavor combination.

3.)    Those Beetz Are Dope

I was most excited to try this doughnut because even though it wasn’t chocolatey or peanut buttery – it was filled and the flavor combination offered a little bit of savory (beet glaze) and sweet (filled with ricotta cheese).

This didn’t disappoint. The glaze really tasted like beets! The first bite was a little odd – biting into a doughnut and not getting that first taste of super-sweet glaze was an adjustment. But once your taste buds and your brain got on the same page – it was really great. The beet glaze really tasted like beets! The ricotta cheese added the perfect amount of sweetness while still keeping the doughnut firmly in the savory camp.

4. The Everything Doughnut

Much like the ricotta filling on Those Beetz Are Dope, the cream-cheese glaze on The Everything Doughnut lends the perfect amount of sweetness without making things seem too dessert-y. The entire time we were sampling The Everything Doughnut we were saying,

“Oh wow, it’s really like – an everything doughnut”

“It’s not really sweet but still, like, sweet?”

“It’s savory but still a doughnut, you know?”

The Everything Doughnut is topped with sesame seeds, sea salt, pepitas, poppy seeds and garlic. I loved the fact that they weren’t too heavy handed with the garlic – which I feel could have made things a little weird. But there was definitely still the full flavor blend of an Everything Bagel.

The Doughnut Project NYC

If you plan on making a trip to The Doughnut Project (which I highly suggest), the savory doughnuts are definitely the way to go.

They’ve recently added a new one to the menu that sounds – interesting –

Bone Marrow Chocolate – bone-marrow infused chocolate and topped with a clementine glaze and chocolate shavings. Though I’m a little hesitant to give this one a try, The Everything Doughnut was a pleasant surprise so go give it a go and report back ;)

The Doughnut Project has got me thinkin’ about savory flavor combos that could work as a doughnut. Maybe a chickpea-flour based doughnut with a tahini glaze?

The Doughnut Project NYC



Cinnamon Snail Doughnuts Dry & Disappointing

Doughnuts. I love 'em. But you all knew that.

My latest doughnut tasting was from The Cinnamon Snail - a popular, zany and completely vegan food-truck turned brick-and-mortar space that specializes in crazy sandwiches and, you guessed it, doughnuts. 

I stopped by their location inside The Pennsy food hall near Penn Station and picked the 4 most delicious sounding doughnuts. They had a large selection, but it was surprisingly easy to figure out which ones were worth the $ to try.  

The Cinnamon Snail Doughnuts

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Always a sucker for the stuffed doughnuts, it was a tough choice between this and the Norberweiberberweiberhydrafab AKA "That One On The End. I'm Not Even Going To Try Saying That" (yes, that's really the name). The previously mentioned doughnut is one of their most popular - it's white chocolate glazed with a chocolate hazelnut bourbon ganache. But let's be real, Peanut Butter trumps hazelnut bourbon - sorry.  

The PB Choco Chip Cookie Dough doughnut was really well filled - but I was a little disappointed in the chocolate to PB ratio. The ganache was super chocolatey and decadent, but I had been hoping for a little more peanut butter. 

Roasted Blackberry Fig 

I had high hopes for this simple, glazed looking doughnut - with it's purple-y pink hue and promise of fig flavor. Unfortunately, the glaze was bland.

Coconut Thai Basil 

I was very intrigued by this flavor combination. Ever since trying The Doughnut Project, I've been all aboard the savory doughnut flavor train. But this doughnut didn't have very much Thai/basil flavor - it was pretty much just coconut to me - and dry to boot. 

Toasted Pistachio Cardamom 

Saving the best for last, this doughnut alone saved The Cinnamon Snail's doughnut cred for me. The pistachio cake doughnut was moist and flavorful and the cardamom glaze was perfectly sweet without being overpowering. 

The Cinnamon Snail Vegan

Bottom Line: 

If you're vegan - by all means, go get yourself some doughnuts from The Cinnamon Snail. If you're not vegan - you can find better elsewhere, in my opinion!

That being said - I'm still very eager to try their sandwiches!  





Moonlight Brunch Potluck

Sometimes, my event planning college memories come rushing back, and I do things like plan Moonlight Brunch Potlucks with coworkers for a Monday night. The idea came from an event that Quinnipiac University After Dark would put on during finals week every semester- we would serve a HUGE free breakfast buffet at midnight, and people went nuts. Free hashbrowns when you’re up studying at midnight for a final? Pretty great.

(Here's a picture from this year's QUAD Moonlight Breakfast. Good job keeping the tradition going, guys!)

Much to my delight, when I suggested the real-life grown-up version of the event, instead of looking at me like a weirdo, there were about 15 girls who were totally on board with me. Maybe it had to do with the promise of alcohol on a Monday night.

I found a great website, Sign Up Genius, where I could have everyone decide what they wanted to bring. The categories were Sweet (think donuts, pancakes, French toast, etc.) Savory (think eggs, bacon hashbrowns), Bubbly (dranks) and Yogurt Bar! The yogurt bar was my way of making froyo a breakfast thing- Greek yogurt with all different toppings including granola, fruits and different chocolate candies.  

When we showed up at my coworker’s apartment, after she graciously offered to host, she had bought us each the CUTEST little Mason jar with a crazy straw for us to drink our mimosas, screwdrivers, champagne and Bloody Marys out of.

(Most important station, obviously)
Soon, the food spread starting growing, and I started drooling. Everything looked soo damn tasty. First of all, my friend had brought Dougnut Plant donuts. One bite of the tres leche- and I was launched into a love affair with donuts that is still going strong (more on that to come).

(And with that, the donut addiction began!)
There was also a French toast casserole with blueberry preserve sauce/topping that was homemade and out of this world. Someone else made a cheesy potato and bacon casserole, there were pop-tarts, quiche, cannoli, cookies, and my contribution: peanut butter banana oatmeal casserole with blueberries and strawberries.

I slaved away on this masterpiece, and I think it came out pretty good! I unfortunately did it so long ago, that I can’t remember which recipe I used. It was something verysimilar to this though, if you want to give it a try! I also baked in some blueberries and strawberries, and then decorate the top with fruit since it’s all about presentation!

It was such a fun night with fun people and a gorgeous view of this beautiful city! I’m so happy everyone liked the idea, and thinking back on it now, it’s making me want to plan another potluck soon! Any good potluck theme ideas?