Moonlight Brunch Potluck

Sometimes, my event planning college memories come rushing back, and I do things like plan Moonlight Brunch Potlucks with coworkers for a Monday night. The idea came from an event that Quinnipiac University After Dark would put on during finals week every semester- we would serve a HUGE free breakfast buffet at midnight, and people went nuts. Free hashbrowns when you’re up studying at midnight for a final? Pretty great.

(Here's a picture from this year's QUAD Moonlight Breakfast. Good job keeping the tradition going, guys!)

Much to my delight, when I suggested the real-life grown-up version of the event, instead of looking at me like a weirdo, there were about 15 girls who were totally on board with me. Maybe it had to do with the promise of alcohol on a Monday night.

I found a great website, Sign Up Genius, where I could have everyone decide what they wanted to bring. The categories were Sweet (think donuts, pancakes, French toast, etc.) Savory (think eggs, bacon hashbrowns), Bubbly (dranks) and Yogurt Bar! The yogurt bar was my way of making froyo a breakfast thing- Greek yogurt with all different toppings including granola, fruits and different chocolate candies.  

When we showed up at my coworker’s apartment, after she graciously offered to host, she had bought us each the CUTEST little Mason jar with a crazy straw for us to drink our mimosas, screwdrivers, champagne and Bloody Marys out of.

(Most important station, obviously)
Soon, the food spread starting growing, and I started drooling. Everything looked soo damn tasty. First of all, my friend had brought Dougnut Plant donuts. One bite of the tres leche- and I was launched into a love affair with donuts that is still going strong (more on that to come).

(And with that, the donut addiction began!)
There was also a French toast casserole with blueberry preserve sauce/topping that was homemade and out of this world. Someone else made a cheesy potato and bacon casserole, there were pop-tarts, quiche, cannoli, cookies, and my contribution: peanut butter banana oatmeal casserole with blueberries and strawberries.

I slaved away on this masterpiece, and I think it came out pretty good! I unfortunately did it so long ago, that I can’t remember which recipe I used. It was something verysimilar to this though, if you want to give it a try! I also baked in some blueberries and strawberries, and then decorate the top with fruit since it’s all about presentation!

It was such a fun night with fun people and a gorgeous view of this beautiful city! I’m so happy everyone liked the idea, and thinking back on it now, it’s making me want to plan another potluck soon! Any good potluck theme ideas?