What I Ate Wednesday: Exciting News!

Welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday! 

I have some exciting news on the topic of what I'm eating. I'm happy to announce that I've been selected as an ambassador for The Athlete's Palate and have started my initial assessments with Julie, a holistic nutritionist (and IRONMAN!)

My motivation behind this is to find the best way for me to fuel and get on board this triathlon train! No, I still haven't signed up for a race. But I feel it getting closer and closer to commitment time. 

My first impression of working with a nutritionist? A lot less awkward than expected, considering we were talking about some pretty personal things. Pre, mid and post-race bowel movements aren't what I typically chat about with strangers, but Julie was extremely professional while still remaining personable and I cannot wait to hear her ideas of how I can use nutrition as a way to fuel my fitness goals. 

For now, my #eeeeeats have been pretty standard, though I've been doing my best to keep things healthy and wholesome after a week-long vacation in Denver full of tacos, ice cream and craft brews.  

What I Ate Wednesday


For a week, I've been starting every morning with some apple cider vinegar and water. To make it a little easier to get down, I add one packet of Nektar Naturals crystallized honey which quickly dissolves given the high acidity of the vinegar. 

Who the heck knows if this is doing anything at all - but I actually find myself enjoying the taste and the ritual, so why the hell not? 


I've always been a sweet breakfast fan - opting for fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, protein pancakes, etc. But as I continue to cut back on dairy, I'm slowly seeing the appeal of savory breakfasts. 

stuffed breakfast peppers

These stuffed breakfast peppers with spinach, sausage and eggs have become a staple and last week I experiment with egg white muffins filled with sausage and spinach. I really liked these - but need to work on having half of them stuck to the muffin tin (silicone muffin cups perhaps?) 

egg white muffins


Snacks these days are pretty simple - a grapefruit, an apple, some rice cakes if I'm craving a little crunch. 

I also couldn't help but pick up a bag of these while in line at Marshall's last week. You know, all those tchotchkes they leave out and you try to convince yourself not to throw in your basket. 

But I've had these before while traveling and they are the real-deal delicious so I happily snacked on them for the whole two days the package lasted at my desk. 

the good bean


Lunch for the past two weeks has been a pretty bizarre combination that I'm really loving. Tuna fish + salad greens + mustard + blueberries!

Last week it was arugula and this week it's with coleslaw mix and red cabbage - adding avocado to it really makes it next level. I know the blueberries sound weird, but I swear it's good (also, blueberries have been on sale at the grocery store, so...) 

It's also just super easy to throw it all in a tupperware which might secretly be the main reason I haven't made anything else lately. 

I know, I know - I should cut back on the canned tuna because of the mercury. I'll switch it up next week. Maybe. 

This beauty of an avocado came to my from California by way of my roommate and it really made my salad even better last week. 


I finally bit the bullet and invested in some SHRIMP last week since I've been really wanting shrimp stir-fry. 

I whipped this up using the stir-fry veggie mix from Trader Joe's with some ginger and amino acids. I paired it with zoodles and spinach sauteed in coconut oil because greens are good. 

Shrimp Stir Fry

This week for dinner I'll be enjoying salmon, thanks to a trip home to Long Island and generous parents who gave me some pre-packaged 6 oz. filets. 

Again with the zoodles (and also swoodles - sweet potato noodles) and topped with a Greek  yogurt - lemon - olive oil - dill dressing that I was quite proud of! And roasted broccoli with lots and lots of garlic!


When I saw that Skinny Cow was on sale at the store, I couldn't help myself. Buying a box of these is a guarantee that I'll be eating them on 4 consecutive nights. 

I swear they gently call to me from the freezer. 

But today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day so I will thoroughly enjoy my mint chocolate cone!