What I Ate Wednesday: Pudding, Pierogi, Panera

Once again I have failed to document an entire day of food. Yet once again, my phone's camera roll is filled with pictures of food.

So I again present a hodge podge What I Ate Wednesday with some of the delicious things I've enjoyed in these final days of summer (SAY IT ISN'T SO!)

What I Ate Wednesday

Pesto Zoodles with Mint & Lemon Salmon

What I Ate Wednesday

Whenever I see my parents, I steal some of their fresh basil and mint from the garden. Is there anything that tastes better than fresh pesto? Is there anything more expensive in a grocery store than pine nuts? These are the questions I ask myself.

This time, I was out of pine nuts and feeling a little broke. So I whipped up pesto using basil, kale and walnuts! Tossed with zoodles, it was lean and green! I baked my salmon with mint and lemon which was a good summer flavor combo.

Pierogi & Shashlik

Steamed and fried cheese pierogis with a Russian beef shashlik and sour cream

What I Ate Wednesday

I recently attended a press conference and they made some passed h'ordeuvres that were pretty divine. This one was definitely my favorite! 

Swedish Meatball Fondue

Sweet Swedish Meatballs, Cranberry Glaze, Gruyere Fondue

What I Ate Wednesday

There were also served at the press conference and I couldn't resist giving them a try! Is there anything that ISN'T made instantly better when it's dipped in cheese? 

A Smorgasbord of Thai Food

Thai Food

On the same work trip, we FEASTED on Thai takeout during a loooong night of meetings. Thai isn't something I typically order or eat, because I'm not much of a takeout gal, but this Thai food was SO FRESH looking and tasting. It was full of flavor, not super oily and greasy, and tasted light and delicious. I am definitely going to need to get more Thai food while I'm in Toronto next month! 

Panera Party


The next day the office we were working in catered lunch - tons of options from Panera! I had about 283942 helpings of the watermelon feta salad because my arugula addiction is SO REAL. But I also went to town on the apple chips that were on top of the Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken. 

Also, can we talk about how every time I eat Panera I'm impressed with how fresh and delicious it is? It's definitely underrated, in my humble opinion. 

I also had a little bit of the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich which is ridiculously flavorful. 

Peaches + Green Smoothie 

IQ Food Co.

One of my favorite discoveries in Toronto has been iQ Food Co. I love their smoothies in the morning! This was my first time trying the Peaches + Green - peaches, cashews, kale, spinach, banana organic agave, lemon juice and coconut water. 

I will say that smoothies are just never satisfying enough for me in the morning. I need to chew something! But this was delicious and I'm always happy when I stay at a hotel close to an iQ Food Co. 

Salmon Salad

What I Ate Wednesday

Airport food can be scary - luckily, I found this delicious salad in Toronto and it hit the spot before my journey home! 


I am not a big steak eater, but when the craving for meat hits me, I know it's because my body needs it. This was my first time cooking steak by myself and it actually turned out to be pretty tasty! With some salad, sweet potato and veggies - it was the perfect meal before heading home for my triathlon! 

Sorghum and Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers 

What I Ate Wednesday Veggie Burger

There's nothing I love more than a night in with friends cooking, talking and drinking. My friend Rebecca developed this delicious veggie burger recipe that we recreated over Labor Day Weekend - along with some St. Germain, Gin & Watermelon/Ginger/Lime cocktails (using this new Califia Farms product as a mixer)! 

We wrapped our veggie burgers in collard greens and added avocado, heirloom tomato, ketchup and mustard! 


Egg Salad Bagel

When I was home for my triathlon, I obviously needed to get a bagel to eat on the beach. What's better than an egg everything bagel? An egg everything bagel loaded with egg salad.

Homemade Brunch 

Donut Mug

 A Monday morning off means a chance to cook myself a real breakfast - complete with toast, eggs and fruit! I really just took this picture to show off my new mug that a friend surprised me with - I'M IN LOVE it makes every morning better. The other side says MMM DONUTS!

New Favorite Lunch

Easy Lunch Salad

I've been making this a ton! A can of tuna salad mixed with plain Greek yogurt and some mustard + avocado and cucumber served over zoodles! I usually top it with some crunchy chickpeas!

Magnolia PEANUT BUTTER Banana Pudding 

Magnolia Peanut Butter Banana Pudding

My amazing friend surprised me with a container of the 1-week-only PEANUT BUTTER version of the famous Magnolia pudding as a good luck gift for my tri. 

If you haven't tried their banana pudding yet, I cannot recommend it enough. My mom is not a dessert person, yet this blew her away and she asks about it whenever she's in the city! 

I'll never forget the first time my friend Roseanna took me to Magnolia - I thought we were getting cookies or cupcakes but she told me I HAD to order the banana pudding. I had no clue what to expect, but fell in love immediately. 

It's full of full chunks of banana but my most favorite part is the layer of Nilla wafers. 

The peanut butter version was SUPER peanut buttery and I especially loved the chunks of full peanuts. I'm shocked to say, however, that I think I prefer their regular banana pudding! 

So happy I got to try it though since it was flooding my Instagram feed. 

Pro tip: You need to just eat it all in one day - don't try saving it. The bananas turn and get a little too sweet the longer they sit. I don't think you'll have any problems finishing it in one sitting though...it's THAT good.