Pizza PSA: Not So Wild About Wild


I'm not about to jump on the gluten-free bandwagon - but I did take a trip to the latest gluten-free pizza hotspot in the West Village recently to check it out.

Unfortunately, all Wild did was reaffirm my belief that unless it's medically necessary for you to be gluten-free - you should eat real pizza and doughnuts and bread. Gluten and all.

Wild was a cute spot but very dark, crowded and noisy. The service was pretty terrible throughout the night too.

Wild Gluten Free Pizza Review

Avocado Toast

Wild West Village

We started out with the avocado toast which was interesting because it was topped with honey, gorgonzola and walnuts. It was a unique combination that I was excited to try - but ultimately disappointed with. My other issue with this was that the toast was more of a cracker than a piece of bread - but that's the GF life for ya.

Tuscan Kale Salad

Wild NYC Review

We went back and forth on a salad option before setting for this one, sadly. The group unanimously decided it was probably the most boring, bland, useless salad we had ever had.

Wild Mushroom Truffle Pizza

It's no surprise that I didn't love this pizza seeing as I can't stand the taste of truffles. But what surprised me when I took a few small bites was the fact that more than anything, I was overwhelmed by the mushroomy-ness of this pie. It was soo intense that I had trouble finishing even one small sliver. 

Wild Gluten Free Pizza

Other Forgettable Pizzas

The rest of the pies were unimpressive and forgettable - I can't even remember which ones we ordered after looking back at the menu!

In a city filled with stellar pizza options, I certainly don't suggest a trip to Wild.

But hey, the company was good and it got me out of my normal stomping grounds!

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