Hu Kitchen: Restaurant Review

Hu Kitchen, y u so awesome? Y u tempt me to spend all my money?  Last Tuesday (still playing X-treme catch up here, people) I got post-hockey dinner at this popular healthy eatery in the Union Square area.
While certainly a prime take-away/quick meal to go location, I was surprised at how atmospheric the upstairs sit-down area was.  While there’s no waiter service available, it’s still a nice spot to sit down and enjoy some nutritious nosh. 

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The first floor is split up into a few different areas based on what you’re looking to nom on. 

First, a juice bar with organic juices, smoothies, coffees and teas.  Next, an area I still can’t wait to try- their “mash bar.”  Think bowls of chia pudding with seasonal berries, organic raw grain-free granola and coconut cashew cream.  Choose of their pre-designed combos or create your own!
Towards the back is a fridge with grab and go items and then it’s the prepared hot food section. 
You can choose an entrée (veggie lasagna, meatloaf, rotisserie chicken and daily specials) and then pick your sides from options like caramelized pineapple and cashew cream, organic quinoa and roasted winter squash. 

My friend got the Grandmaster Veg- a grain and dairy free lasagna with eggplant, carrot, green cabbage, cashew, marinara, garlic, chili flakes and olive oil.  For sides, he tried the sweet potatoes and broccoli (sadly, both a little cold).

(It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' undah! Grandmaster Flash reference, anyone?) 
I decided to go to the bowl station- #winning.  For $10.95 I created a delicious bowl containing: 
-Root Vegetable Mash (Sadly, I think this had some fennel in it because every couple bites I would get a little “ew” bite.) 
-Organic quinoa 
-Roasted Wild Mushrooms 
-Organic Moroccan Chicken (with onion, garlic turmeric, ginger, coriander and cumin- taste budgasm!) 

(Alright, she ain't the prettiest but it tasted great!)

The man who helped me was SO nice and patient- not to mention he let me mix and match and go halfsies on both my bowl’s base AND topping.  Thanks for helping an indecisive sister out! 
The bowls also come with a yummy piece of grain-free Hu Bread- mmm sunflower seeds! 
My friend had also gotten a container of coconut cacao kale chips- which I’m here to tell you taste better than they sound!
If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself reading the nutrition labels on EVERYTHING.  What stressed me out a little bit about Hu Kitchen was that they are anti-calorie counting.  But while you won’t find any calories listed for their food, you can rest assured that everything they make is “clean,” healthy and nutritious!
They promote VEGGIES and lots of them, encouraging people to keep it as grain free as possible while embracing good fats like nuts and avocados (heck yes).  You should really check out their website- it’s basically a “how to” guide for great eating practices!
I’ll definitely be returning to Hu Kitchen to “Get Back to Human.” Their story is great and their product is even better!
Hip Hip “Hu-rray!” (See what I did there?)